50 Flattering Burgundy Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

1. Burgundy Plum Waves

Opting for a nuanced plum hue presents a refreshing departure from the standard highlight choices for those with brunette hair.

Burgundy Plum Highlights for Brunettes

2. Burgundy Brown Bob

Caught between brown and burgundy, this ideal hue marries the two beautifully.

Beautiful Shaggy Bob in Brown and Burgundy Hair Colors

3. Burgundy Red Loose Waves

Embrace a more vivid burgundy tone for an impactful appearance. Whether you opt for ombre or full-head highlights, the decision is in your hands.

Glam Dark Hair with Burgundy Highlights

4. Mid-Length Burgundy Waves on Dark Hair

Elevate Hollywood glamour with a combination of burgundy on dark hair, a truly striking ensemble.

Bright Burgundy Hair with Layers

5. Chestnut Burgundy Highlights

This unique blend strikes a balance between purple and brown, achieving a perfect mix.

Long Hair with Chestnut Burgundy Balayage

6. Messy Purple Ombre Bob

The choppy cut introduces texture to the bob, ideal for adding volume to thin or fine hair, giving it a fuller appearance.

Choppy Brown Bob with Purple Ombre

7. Short Burgundy Bob

Enhance the sophistication of a bob with an infusion of burgundy highlights.

Black Bob with Burgundy Highlights

8. Muted Burgundy Wine Hair

Wine enthusiasts can now wear their favorite varietal as their hair color, garnering many compliments.

Long Wavy Burgundy Wine Hairstyle

9. Burgundy Highlights

For those hesitant to fully commit to burgundy, experimenting with highlights is a great starting point.

Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

10. Burgundy Hair Color with Merlot Taste

This deep, reddish-purple shade exudes mystery and sophistication, enhancing hair depth and complementing cool skin tones and tanned complexions beautifully.

Dark Reddish Purple Burgundy Hair

11. Deep Burgundy Hair

Dark hair with deep burgundy undertones projects a bold and edgy aura, with styling options ranging from straight to curly.

12. Burgundy Purple Curls

Curls enhance the texture and showcase the new color more vividly. For thicker hair, use a medium-sized curling iron for efficiency.

13. Blackberry Burgundy Long Layers

This purple burgundy shade is irresistibly appealing, calling for widespread adoption.

14. Blackberry Burgundy Waves

The unique blackberry shade will rise in popularity, especially when styled with chic, loose curls.

15. Long Dark Burgundy Hair

Opt for a rich dark red maroon as your hair color for an elegant choice suitable for those with dark hair.

16. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

The stark contrast between these vibrant colors creates a stunning effect on any hair type.

17. Messy Choppy Burgundy Bob

A short hairstyle gains elegance from slight waves, adding a chic flair to the messy look.

18. Medium Burgundy Waves

This style is where beachy meets bold, offering a vibrant yet natural look.

19. Fierce Burgundy Waves

The varying intensities of burgundy in this balayage are mesmerizing, ensuring you’ll be the center of attention.

20. Plum Burgundy Hair Color

For those seeking a subtler option, a plum shade offers a fresh lift to natural brown hair, ensuring longevity in its appeal.

21. Long Burgundy Hair with Seamless Ombre

This ombre transitions smoothly from a neutral brown base to a maroon mid-section, ending in a vibrant cherry red, creating a breathtaking effect.

22. Red Balayage on Shoulder Length Hair

Dark-haired ladies can enhance their natural color with a striking red balayage, adding extra flair and shine.

23. Deep Red Burgundy Balayage

This color is perfect for those torn between red and burgundy, offering a luxurious transition from rich burgundy to dark red.

24. Grape Purple Burgundy Hair

A smoky grape burgundy perfect for autumn, complemented by light caramel babylights for added depth and dimension.

25. Dimensional Mulled Wine Hair

Featuring a deep burgundy with a mix of copper, true red, and purple hues, this color is versatile for various skin tones and ideal for cooler seasons.

26. Burgundy Red Hair with Black Roots

This style features black roots and bright red wine lengths with deeper plum highlights, making it an excellent color choice.

27. Red Wine Hair Color

A favorite wine shade that accentuates delicate features and complements the fall-winter wardrobe perfectly.

28. Dark Burgundy Hair

This burgundy color demands a second look with its rich hue enhanced by a lively magenta, creating a stylish and balanced hairstyle.

29. Subtle Burgundy Ombre

Dusty plum ends transition into black roots for a captivating and mysterious appearance.

30. Dark Raspberry Hair

This color, as delightful as raspberry wine, will prompt an immediate salon appointment.

31. Burgundy Wine Hair Color

An elegant burgundy with a balanced mix of red, enhancing the deep purple base, resembling a high-quality Cabernet.

32. Burgundy Ombre Hair

A gorgeous blend

of black roots with deep burgundy ends offers an edgy yet not overly bold statement.

33. Dark Burgundy Hair Color with Highlighted Bottom

The dark, almost purple base paired with garnet highlights brings out the hair’s texture and fullness.

34. Low-Maintenance Burgundy Brown Hair Color

This burgundy hue allows for longer periods between touch-ups, especially with more brown left on the crown.

35. Long Solid Magenta Hair

Embrace the enduring burgundy trend with a magenta hue, suitable for most skin tones due to its balanced brightness.

36. Black Hair with Purple and Burgundy Highlights

Mix purple and burgundy highlights to elevate your color game, offering a dynamic look under different lighting.

37. Rich Mahogany Hair

This mahogany shade embodies the essence of fall, radiating the warmth of fallen leaves while being mesmerizingly soft and captivating.

38. Red Maroon Hair Color

Demonstrate the depth of reds and burgundies on shorter hair, enhanced by subtle lighter accents for a multifaceted look.

39. Dark Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Highlights add a striking contrast to dark hair, enhancing texture even in unlayered styles.

40. Burgundy Red Hair Color with Root Melt

Wine shades complement medium to dark complexions, balancing skin undertones with purple or red hues for a smooth color transition.

41. Maroon Hair with Money Pieces

The natural beauty of maroon is elevated with vibrant crimson accents, adding a cool twist to the look.

42. Subtle Burgundy Balayage

This balayage keeps the hair predominantly red while adding depth and an exquisite touch.

43. Shiny Burgundy Hair with Highlights

Even with toned-down burgundy shades, this hairstyle remains glossy and full of life.

44. Brown Hair with Burgundy Face Framing

Creatively using burgundy dye on brown hair with a mix of berry shades from amethyst to crimson red highlights the face beautifully.

45. Black and Burgundy Hair with Highlights

Plum jam-inspired highlights over black hair make for a delicious and visually appealing look.

46. Pale Burgundy and Blonde Hair

Blonde and light burgundy highlights freshen up light brown hair for a charming autumn makeover.

47. Burgundy Brown Hair

This dark hue exudes mystery and elegance, making it hard to resist admiring oneself.

48. Light Burgundy Hair Color Blended with Brown

A transition from lighter to darker shades is effortlessly achieved by pairing medium brown with dusty mahogany.

49. Short Burgundy Hair

Shaggy sangria highlights bring a fun, laid-back vibe to black hair, adding a casually seductive touch.

Can Bronde Hair Colors Be Customized to Suit Different Skin Tones Like Burgundy Hair Colors?

Yes, gorgeous bronde hair colors can be customized to suit different skin tones just like burgundy hair colors. With the right combination of warm and cool tones, a skilled colorist can create a beautiful customized bronde shade that complements any complexion.

50. Extremely Rich Plum Burgundy Hair Color

This balayage stands out with its subtle highlights and lowlights, masterfully blended for shine, dimension, and movement.

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