Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

1. Long Feathered Layers

Layered hair with a feathered style offers an elegant look, especially when it has fullness at the crown and thins out towards the ends. This style brings out the hair’s natural volume and can be customized in color to suit one’s complexion, from ash blonde to caramel or champagne, ensuring a stunning appearance.

2. Long Layers with Eye-Brow Grazing Bangs

Layers can greatly enhance shoulder-length hair, adding texture and style, particularly when thin. Long bangs that just brush the eyebrows can soften the overall appearance, as seen in Taylor Swift’s look.

3. Long Choppy Shag with Bangs

A long, choppy shag hairstyle with bangs exudes flirtatious charm. The addition of midshaft waves and balayage highlights creates an appealing dimension and beauty.

4. Long Side-Parted Feathered Cut

For those hesitant about full bangs, a long side-parted cut with layered bangs around chin length can be a perfect transition. This style achieves a balanced look with a feathery touch.

5. Long Feathered Cut with Razored Bangs

A layered haircut gains an enhanced appeal with the addition of bangs, offering various styles from baby bangs and wispy choppy bangs to blunt, asymmetrical ones that grace the eyes, enriching the long feathered cut.

6. Long Tousled Style with V-cut Layers

V-cut layers bring out the inner bombshell, perfect for those who love a blowout. This style adds movement to tousled locks, with longer bangs blending seamlessly.

7. Long Thick Cut with Face-Framing Layers

Side bangs are an excellent choice for those with thick hair, providing a flattering look that is irresistible. Highlights add an extra punch to the style.

8. Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Long blonde hair gets a hot update with wispy bangs, creating a sexy, undone style. A high, messy ponytail keeps the look fresh and off the face.

9. Wispy Bangs for Fine Hair

Layers and wispy bangs are a perfect match for fine, long hair, adding volume and texture to straight tresses.

10. Long Layered A-Silhouette Cut

An A-silhouette cut breaks the monotony of blunt bangs and layers, adding movement and flattering longer face shapes with its dynamic silhouette.

11. Feathered Layers on Blonde Hair

Curtain bangs blend beautifully with long feathered layers, particularly in blonde hair, reviving the classic ’70s style.

12. Long Bangs for Thick Hair

Layered cuts make managing long, thick hair easier, with long curtain bangs adding interest and framing the face to highlight your best features.

13. Shattered Bronde Shag with Bangs

Declare the return of long layered cuts with bangs through this textured, shaggy hairstyle that maximizes bounce and fullness.

14. Long Cut with Delicate Face-Framing

Introduce a fringe to your long layers for subtle face framing, starting at the cheekbones for a gentle enhancement.

15. Layered Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Pairing layered hair with parted bangs creates a harmonious look, perfect for complementing with dramatic makeup or stylish sunglasses.

16. Sexy Layered Cut with Long Peekaboo Bangs

Peek-a-boo bangs are ideal for long, thick hair, adding a side-swept allure to the layered style for an instant touch of sex appeal.

17. Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

A layered haircut with bangs offers a relaxed way to wear long hair, easily pulled up into an elegant updo for a refined look.

18. Long Layers and Curtain Bangs

This style’s varied lengths make it versatile and personal, easily styled into a ponytail for a casual day out.

19. Thin Bangs

Thin bangs are the best for fine hair, offering a balanced look that can also conceal a prominent forehead.

20. Gorgeous Layered Cut for Thick Long Hair

Layered hair with sweeping bangs provides a seamless and natural look, ideal for thick hair that requires volume.

21. Long Cut with Face Framing Bangs

Enhance your long layers with subtly cut bangs that frame the face, starting at the cheekbones for a refined appearance.

22. Lovely Layers for Soft Curls

Curly or textured hair benefits from swept bangs and a side part, embracing natural movement or the use of a curling iron for soft curls with bangs.

23. Long Hair with Highlights

Strategically placed highlights can elevate a cut, showcasing layers and texture while adding movement to the style.

24. Voluminous Longer Layered Hairstyle

Layers that amplify texture and volume, paired

with cute, thin bangs, create a dynamic look that captures attention.

25. Shaggy Layers and Long Bangs

Add interest to your shaggy hairstyle with longer curtain bangs for an effortless blend with your waves, minimizing the need for styling products.

26. Side Swept Bangs

Voluminous side bangs complement brown wavy hair, adding youthfulness and movement to the style, maintained with trusted styling products.

27. Long Choppy Cut with Swoopy Bangs

A side-swept long layered cut brings a reminiscent vibe of Marissa Cooper from The OC, enhanced with highlights for added dimension.

28. Icy Blonde Straight Layers

Long locks don’t always require curls; sleek and straight layered cuts in cool colors like icy blonde make a bold statement.

29. Long Haircut with Rounded Feather-Like Layers

Rounded layers soften a longer face shape, offering a trendy choice for those eager to try layered cuts with bangs without covering the forehead.

30. Subtle Layers, Subtle Bangs

For a gentle refresh, add subtle layers near the ends, maintaining length while curtain bangs transform updos into stunning styles.

31. Contemporary Long Shag with Bangs

Modernize your long shag with cute fringe, swept to the side or down the middle, for a nostalgic yet contemporary look.

32. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Thick, center-parted bangs blend seamlessly with long hair, complemented by balayage to balance square face shapes and accentuate the eyes.

33. Center Parted Bangs for Long Hair

Wispy, center-parted bangs adjust square face shapes, with highlights enhancing facial features and adding depth.

34. Choppy Blonde Lob for Straight Hair

A choppy lob with matching bangs offers a relaxed and modern look, ideal for showcasing your color choice, whether it’s beachy blonde or rich brown.

35. Two-Tiered Fringe and Tousled Layers

Texturizing cuts create a lightweight fringe effect, enhanced with balayage for a personalized detail.

36. Wavy Layers and Curtain Bangs

For an easy-to-style option, consider short curtain bangs that refresh long layered hair without daily straightening.

37. Modern Brigitte Bardot

Emulate Brigitte Bardot with thick bangs and voluminous layers for a sexy, rock-chic vibe, especially when paired with dark colors.

38. Sombre Hair with Long Light Bangs

This soft ombre features shaggy layers and long light bangs, offering versatility in styling, from braids to carefree wind-tossed looks.

39. Long Ombre Hairstyle with Bangs

Layered bangs in thick hair lighten the look, ensuring the fringe lays softly, enhancing the layered effect.

40. Thick Choppy Bangs

Opt for thick choppy bangs with a sleek mahogany shade for a feminine look that balances the face shape.

41. Short Center Parted Curtain Bangs

Short curtain bangs blend perfectly with long layers, flattering elongated face shapes and opening up the face.

42. Long Hair With Bangs

Blunt bangs pair well with straight or wavy layers, making a statement with a bit of messiness.

43. Long Cut with Feathered and Highlighted Ends

Feathered ends and highlights create a fun and flirty summer look, with bangs accentuating the eyes for noticeable appeal.

44. Long Messy Haircut with Bangs and Highlights

Front bangs focus on the eyes, with a transition from longer locks to a shorter fringe enhanced by light brown balayage for a fresh and slightly sexy look.

45. Flaring Layers and Sweeping Bangs

This layered haircut with a side fringe captivates with its soft side bangs and golden blonde color, featuring tiered layers that frame the face beautifully.

46. Long Hair with Feathered Face-Framing Layers

A dramatic side part enhances layered hair with side bangs, adding volume and the illusion of thicker hair, completed with natural or curled ends.

47. Straight Long Cut with Feathered Layers

Thin or thick blunt bangs reveal eyes and cheekbones, with feathered ends providing texture in this simple yet stunning style.

48. Formal Long Hairstyle

For formal events, wearing long, loose hair can be as stunning as an updo, styled with a round brush and curls where needed, complemented by bold earrings and a strapless gown.

49. Textured Bangs and Dramatic Highlights

Add depth with lowlights, highlights, and blonde dimensions for a dynamic look on shoulder-length hair, showcasing various hues.

50. Curly Layers for Older Women

Layers offer versatility for older women, especially with light curls in shoulder-length styles

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