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Top 50 Long Hair Side-Swept Bangs Hairstyles for 2024 – Trending Ideas & Inspiration

1. Eye-Skimming Side Bangs and Waves

Achieve a sultry look with thick bangs grazing your cheekbones. While this fringe length might limit updo options, it radiates cuteness and is a popular choice among many.

2. Side-Swept Bangs for Thick Hair

Combine side-swept bangs with shoulder-length hair for an unbeatable style. Part your hair to the side and gently tease the lengths, creating a polished look with minimal effort. Secure the style with a mist of hairspray.

3. Pixie Cut with Side Bang

Add a feminine touch to your short haircut with a dramatic side fringe, creating a stylish finish from the eyebrow to the cheekbone. Enhance the look with auburn highlights for extra flair.

4. Tousled Fringe for Straight Hair

Embrace the trend of extra-long bangs with a light, swoopy feel. Whether finely chopped or layered, these bangs pair well with medium and long cuts, providing versatility for updos and braided styles.

5. Curtain Bangs with Money Piece Highlights

Opt for curtain bangs or shorter face-framing layers along your natural middle part to visually thicken fine locks. This straight bob with framing bangs and money-piece highlights exudes style and modernity.

6. Layered Cut with Side Bangs

Showcase your rich black hair color and layered cut with a wispy fringe. Apply a leave-in conditioner for vibrant, shiny tresses, reminiscent of a professional salon treatment.

7. Thick Side Fringe for Long Hair

Infuse flirty charm into longer styles with side bangs. Achieve a pretty look with cheek-skimming bangs blending seamlessly with full, tousled layers. For added fullness, apply a thickening mousse to your hair.

8. Delicate Side Bangs Style

Transform short hair into a stunning masterpiece by adding a body wave to a side-swept fringe. Soften facial features and achieve a more feminine appearance. This style complements blondes with thin hair but can be tried on thicker strands.

9. Middle Length Cut with Flowy Bangs

Opt for a layered haircut with a side sweep as an alternative to traditional bangs. Shorter layers within your haircut act as bangs, seamlessly merging with longer strands.

10. Combed-Over Bangs with Front Highlights

Turn heads with thick side bangs and strawberry blonde highlights reinventing a medium-length black hairstyle. The contrast in texture and color creates a stunning and updated appearance.

11. Long Bob with Angled Side Bangs

Elevate a straight lob with long side-swept bangs and a gorgeous pearl blonde hair color. This chic and easy-to-style mid-length bob ensures you spend minimal time on hairstyling.

12. Bob with Razored Side Bangs

Add a great accent to your look with a long side-swept fringe, providing extra volume on top. For a versatile style, pin the fringe up to create an excellent no-fringe appearance.

13. Messy Lob with Long Side Bangs

Instantly switch your look by changing your part and enjoying the volumizing effect. Thinned edges and a tousled bob contribute to an effortlessly stylish hairstyle.

14. Angled Bob with Side Bangs

Achieve a visually elongated face with a long bob featuring feathered ends and edgy side bangs. Style with a round brush to enhance volume and avoid irregular bends.

15. Chic Blonde Feathery Bangs

Embrace the allure of a veil of hair falling over the face with chic feathery bangs. Create a thicker hair illusion with soft layers, adding a touch of natural wispiness.

16. Long Side-Swept Bangs

Introduce movement to your tresses with elegant side-swept bangs, keeping the style feeling light. A cool blowout and pastel pink highlights strategically placed on the bangs lift this straight hair haircut to new heights.

17. Long Blunt Cut with Flowing Fringe

Suitable for any hair type and face shape, a blunt cut with side bangs adds volume and fullness to fine strands. Brighten the look with white-blonde hair color and shadow smudge, capturing attention effortlessly.

18. Voluminous Layered Bangs for Bob

Fall in love with your new style by incorporating an elegant side-swept bang and giving your shoulder-length hair a cute wavy texture. Ideal for any occasion, this cut allows you to style your tresses effortlessly.

19. Frizzy Swoop Bangs Haircut

Infuse strong romantic vibes into your appearance with wavy shoulder-length hair and side bangs. Voluminous curls create the illusion of thicker hair, while the massive fringe adds a sexy touch.

20. Long Pixie with Side Bangs

Add interest and definition to your thick locks with a choppy side-swept fringe in your short layered hair. The long side bangs covering your eye bring a dose of rock’n’roll or drama to your new image.

21. Swoopy Side Bangs

Explore one of the most stunning fringe hairstyles for inspiration. Flip face-framing layers for trendy 80s flair, and play around with highlights or lowlights for added dimension.

22. Wavy Side Bangs with Highlights

Witness the perfect combination of stunning blonde highlights and ideal layered curls, creating a ‘do worthy of a true goddess. This thick wavy hair with bangs will undoubtedly draw everyone’s attention.

23. Pink Curtain Bangs

Achieve a stunning look with fantastic dye, flowing curtain fringe, and undone waves. Recreate the style by blow-drying bangs with a large round brush or curling the ends with a straightener.

24. Long Bangs and Textured Ends

Flatter everyone with a blonde bob with side bangs, boasting tapered edges and a collarbone-dusting length for an elongated neck. The slanted front emphasizes bone structure and softens features.

25. Swoopy Wispy Fringe

Transform a short hairstyle with long side-swept bangs resting on the cheekbones, providing a unique charm for straight hair. Add extra hair from behind the fringe for a cascading effect and incorporate blonde highlights for dimension.

26. Mid-Length Cut with Wispy Side Bangs

Witness a fantastic transformation with long side fringe, messy layers, and beautiful highlights, turning fine hair into a masterpiece. This medium-length hair now looks truly amazing.

27. Jet Black Wispy Bangs

Indulge in a romantic solution for breezy days by the sea with long hair and side bangs. Beach waves, combined with a wispy side bang, soften the look and create a spontaneous vibe.

28. Long Layers with Side Fringe

Add dimension to your hairstyle with front layers hitting just above the nose. Versatile enough for updos or clipped off the face, these layers offer a stylish option for those not keen on layered hair.

29. Blonde Bangs over One Eye

Revitalize your locks with thick side-sweeping bangs and an undone texture for a stylish and enjoyable appearance.

30. Tousled Bob with Long Fringe

Sleek side bangs and tousled mid-length hair create a captivating combination. The mix of textures seamlessly blends, resulting in a playful and stylish finish.

31. Dark Brown Hair with Bangs

Adopt a cascading fringe blending into full curls for a perfect haircut, allowing thick long hair to flow freely.

32. Flipped Fringe with Soft Layers

Enjoy the advantages of a side bang seamlessly blending into layers. Create flicked ends with a round brush for a flowing, feminine shape.

33. Side Fringe and Surface Layers

Transform your appearance with a side part and soft bang, elongating and emphasizing cheekbones while adding movement to fine hair.

34. Divided Long Bangs

Perfect for those who find a center-parted look too severe, center-parted cheekbone-grazing bangs exude easy-going, lived-in quality, pairing well with long layers.

35. Medium Length with Comb Over

Achieve a collarbone length with a cheekbone-grazing fringe, offering the style of a short cut and the versatility of a long one. Create lift by drying bangs to the opposite side before flipping them back.

36. Tucked and Layered Bob

Layer a bob for a contemporary shape with piecey ends, complemented by an elongated fringe sweeping across one eye for added allure. Tuck the thinner side back for a demure finish.

37. Tousled Uniform Layers

Flatter your face with layered side-swept bangs, perfectly complementing a choppy cut. The disheveled texture adds a playful and stylish touch.

38. Understated Ombre

Lighten up dark hair with subtle ombre, drawing the eye down and creating a weightless appearance. This understated touch makes a significant difference.

39. Burgundy Layers with Bangs

Embrace the allure of red wine with exquisite burgundy layers, creating a captivating color solution within long, layered locks. Match your lips for a double impact.

40. Black Hair with Blue and Purple Highlights

Explore modern side bangs, opting for a cropped diagonal fringe accentuating your eyes. Add blue and purple highlights for a unique touch that complements your eye color.

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