80 Gorgeous Medium Length Haircuts Perfect for Thick Hair

1. Medium Hairstyle with Layered Ends

Enhance the allure of medium-length hairstyles for thick hair by incorporating layered ends. The subtle curls and strategically placed copper highlights over dark brown hair provide a vibrant, healthy shine. Optimal styling includes a center part or the versatility of a ponytail or bun.

Layered Hairstyle For Medium Thick Hair

2. Lob with V-Cut Choppy Layers

Embrace the density of thick hair with a straight-across long bob featuring V-cut choppy layers. This style exudes a slightly shaggy yet feminine charm, particularly when tousled. Suitable for all face shapes and various hair textures, it effortlessly showcases both elegance and versatility.

Layered Lob For Thick Hair

3. Layered Dark Brown Lob

A layered lob emerges as a go-to choice for those with thick hair, flattering all face shapes while imparting a lighter feel to heavy locks. The layers bring dimension, allowing a monochromatic color to remain vibrant without appearing flat. Elevate the look with a messy wave to accentuate the diverse lengths.

Choppy Brunette Bob

4. Lob with Swoopy Face-Framing Layers

Universal in its appeal, medium-length hairstyles for thick hair exude sophistication with a lob featuring swoopy face-framing layers. This effortlessly chic cut ensures a polished appearance, complementing diverse face shapes and offering ease in styling.

Long Bob With Side Bangs

5. Thick Wavy Textured Blonde Bob

Effortlessly set and style medium hairstyles for thick hair with natural waves. This shaggy bob, adorned with layers and a radiant blonde hue, captures the essence of the sun, delivering an easy-to-maintain and stylish appearance.

Medium Shaggy Bob For Thick Hair

6. Medium Shag for Thick Hair

Step into the trend of shag cuts, popular for their ability to infuse sexy movement into any hairstyle. The messy layered waves of a medium shag complement various hair textures, allowing thick-haired individuals to enjoy longer layers without compromising desired volume.

Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

7. Shoulder-Length Lob with Layered Front

A shoulder-length lob with sharply angled side sections and a straight-cut back epitomizes chic sophistication. Textured ends are key, enhancing styling possibilities and creating a polished final look for women with medium-thick hair.

Blonde Layered Lob

8. Textured Cut for Thick Hair

Highlight the texture in medium-length hairstyles for thick hair by incorporating subtle highlights. Varying shades breathe life into the layers, adding dimension and a natural sun-kissed glow. Consult your stylist for a selection of flattering shades to achieve this effect.

Subtle Balayage For Brunettes

9. Medium Layers and Flipped Ends

Revitalize layered hairstyles by opting for flipped ends, a classic choice for those who prefer straight hair. This technique softens the cut’s shape, introducing movement while maintaining sleekness. Achieve a polished look through sectioned blow-drying with a round brush.

Medium Haircut For Thick Hair

10. Feathered Layers for Straight Hair

Celebrate the voluminous nature of thick hair with heavily layered haircuts. Feathered and straight, this edgy style exudes a subtly retro charm, perfect for those desiring both flair and volume.

Medium Layered Blonde Haircut

11. Bouncy Layers

Dispelling the notion of flat medium-length hairstyles, bouncy layers offer a vibrant and dimensional look. Achieve body and dimension by gently flicking layers with a straightener, transforming your hairstyle into a lively, youthful display.

12. A Cut Solution for Thick Hair

Counteract excess fullness in thick hair with cropped layers and subtle highlights. These layers, combined with highlights slightly lighter than the base color, create a balanced, uplifting effect, addressing the challenges of managing thick hair.

13. Brunette Shag with Side Bangs

For those with thick, luscious manes, a tousled, shaggy cut in brunette tones presents an easy yet beautiful option. Softened by side bangs, this look requires minimal styling, making it an ideal choice for low-maintenance days.

14. Mid Length Shaggy Cut

Seeking haircuts for thick hair to reduce bulk while maintaining a modern edge? The shagged cut combines contemporary layers with a workable length, accommodating both everyday wear and the occasional ponytail.

15. Medium Brown Hair with Angled Cut

Transform your long, angled cut into an exquisite bob that amplifies your natural wave. This medium brown color, perfect for fall and winter, elevates the chic and timeless appeal of the style.

16. Multicolored Sideswept Cut

Infuse the essence of eternal summer into your style with a lightened, sideswept cut. The arrangement of multicolored strands adds a breezy touch, framing and brightening the face.

17. Side Parted Lob with Finely Chopped Ends

Textured ends elevate the shape of medium-length haircuts, bringing dynamism to the overall look. Opt for a bold side part to enhance movement and style in this finely chopped lob.

18. Adding Shape for a New Look

Angled hairstyles, timeless and effective for thick hair, offer a solution to add shape and vitality. Opt for layered cuts with angles, providing a dynamic and flattering structure.

19. Mid-Length Layered Style

Combat theperceived thickness of dark hair with a mid-length layered style. The addition of choppy cuts makes maintenance easier while embracing the stylish, messy aesthetic popular in contemporary fashion.

20. Curly Style with Side Bangs

Elevate your curly hair with medium length haircuts featuring layers. The shoulder-length cut, coupled with a deep side part and long side bangs, imparts a youthful and trendy appeal.

21. Shoulder Length Tousled Hair

Effortlessly achieve a tousled look with shoulder-length hair by embracing natural waves. Ideal for those with thick, wavy hair, this carefree style requires minimal maintenance for an adorable, long-lasting effect.

22. Medium Side-Parted Brunette Shag

Opt for a classic shoulder-length shag, perfectly styled with a side part. Embrace the natural volume and texture of your thick hair, creating an easy-to-manage yet chic appearance.

23. Dramatic Highlights for Thick Hair

Introduce dimension and style to thick, brunette hair with dramatic highlights. Light brown and blonde hues strategically placed add depth without compromising the overall length.

24. Thick Shaggy Golden Brown Lob

Embrace the luxurious allure of golden-brown hair by cutting it into a straight-across shoulder-length lob. Add a textured finish to the ends and gentle midshaft waves for an effortlessly flowy style.

25. Layered Haircut with Medium Layers

Highlight the crown with medium layers, achieving a lovely fullness effortlessly. Subtle balayage highlights accentuate the layers, making the texture more pronounced and enhancing the overall appeal.

26. Layered Cut for Medium Straight Hair

Opt for a low-key, polished look with a layered cut for straight medium-length hair. The simplicity of fewer layers retains a cute and refined end result.

27. Beautifully Feathered and Subtly Highlighted Bob

Channel a grunge-inspired aesthetic with a shoulder-length bob featuring feathered layers and subtle highlights. The combination offers a mysterious and sultry vibe, perfect for a standout appearance.

28. Cinnamon Layers for Thick Hair

Celebrate warmth and depth with a cinnamon-layered style. Lighter red shades layered over a deep chocolate base visually lighten shoulder-length thick hair, creating a delightful contrast.

29. Medium Shiny Brunette Shag

Revitalize your look with a shiny brunette shag featuring layered shoulder-length hair. The carefree, tousled appearance ensures a fashionable style that requires minimal effort.

30. Medium Layers for Thick Hair

Opt for a light and fresh medium bob to suit women of all ages. Subtle layering controls the thickness, providing sleek styling while maintaining desired volume.

31. Textured Plum Haircut

Enhance your medium-length, textured cut with a touch of plum. The textured ends facilitate natural spiraling, creating a playful and dynamic effect.

32. Inverted Lob with Soft Razored Layers

Choose an inverted lob for your full hair, embracing soft razored layers for added texture. Bigcurls complement the movement, creating a fierce and voluminous hairstyle.

33. Thick Wavy Balayage Hair

Unlock versatility with a medium-length, wavy balayage cut. Suitable for casual or work-ready styling, the soft wavy curls add sophistication to the shaggy, thick hairstyle.

34. Voluminous Cut with Swoopy Layers

Embrace a blast from the past with a voluminous cut featuring flipped layers. The rich chocolate brown color, combined with cute flipped layers, exudes a timeless and feminine charm.

35. Medium Length Shag Haircut

Challenge the messy perception of shag cuts with a sleek version. Feathered layers around the crown and textured, curled ends ensure movement and dimension without sacrificing a straight style.

36. Perfectly Feathered Medium Haircut

Explore the bohemian vibes of the ’70s with a perfectly feathered mid-length cut. Update the style with deep natural or colored roots fading into balayage highlights for a modern touch.

37. Shoulder-Length Wavy Cut for Thick Hair

Embrace fun and frivolity with a shoulder-length, wavy, and shaggy cut. Suitable for thick, hard-to-control hair, this style offers a playful and carefree appearance.

38. Blonde Layers for Thick Hair

Opt for a long beachy bob as a year-round style option. Smoothing serum tames frizz, and rough-drying the hair imparts waves for a chic, easy-to-maintain appearance.

39. Elongated Layered Cut with Voluminous Crown

Keep it minimalistic with an elongated cut featuring layers. Tapered ends allow lengthy locks to swoop into each other, showcasing a voluminous crown.

40. Mid-Length Layered U Cut

Explore the plethora of medium hairstyles for thick hair with a U-shaped cut. Achieve soft, natural styles with sea salt sprays and texturizing products, accentuated by sparse babylights for intrigue.

41. Silver Shag with Side Bangs

Embrace the cool tones of silver in a breezy, lightened shag. Side bangs soften the overall look, making it a front-runner among hip hairstyles for thick hair.

42. Straight Cut Textured Medium Shag

Indulge in a straight across medium cut with textured layers for a modern, low-maintenance ‘do. Ideal for those seeking a signature look with ease.

43. Honey Blonde Chopped Angled Bob

Make a statement with an angled honey blonde bob. The varying warm hues create richness and dimension, providing a glamorous metallic ‘do.

44. Straight Layered Cut with Bright Balayage

Infuse texture and movement into straight hair with a bright balayage and feathered layers. This style showcases density and healthy shine even without natural waves.

45. Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut with Layers

Embrace the classic charm of wavy shoulder-length cuts, versatile for all ages and face shapes. Layers and waves accentuated by a wide range of tones create a stylish and timeless appearance.

46. Thick Beachy Waves

Maintain the popular beachy hair look year-round with casual, loose waves and shaggy ends. Achieve the style with overnight braids, a curling iron, or sea salt spray for effortless waves.

47. Mid-Length Messy Layered Style

Achieve a stylish, messy look with mid-length, layered hair. Sparse, short wispy layers provide a carefree essence, while scattered streaks of a lighter shade add a playful touch.

48. Shaggy Balayage Lob

Address the weight of thick hair with subtle layers and movement. Starting with subtle layers ensures a hairstyle that is light and lively, maintaining its shape throughout the day.

49. Textured Dynamic Layered Bob

Add lift to medium haircuts for thick hair with teased roots, creating a wow factor. Subtle layers and a white-grey color combination enhance the bob’s dimension and modern appeal.

50. Soft and Feminine Angled Lob

Frame your face with a sultry angled lob featuring long, swoopy layers. The A-line shape adds structure, creating a balanced and flexible hairstyle for a feminine and chic look.

51. Rounded Collarbone Bob

Explore cool-toned blonde haircuts with a rounded silver lob. Warm blonde highlights and black roots add glamour to a metallic ‘do that never goes out of style.

52. A-Line Lob with Long Face-Framing Layers

Combine swoopy layers with an A-line shape for a structured yet flexible bob. Style hair inwards for maximum suppleness, creating an ideal hairstyle for a fashionable appearance.

53. Jagged Lob with Long Side Bangs

Embrace jagged lobs for a lively and youthful appeal. Uneven chops work well on thick manes, providing rich and healthy-looking hairstyles. Long side bangs enhance the cut’s youthful beauty.

54. Nice Shaggy Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair

Opt for a nice shaggy cut with uneven choppy layers for a stylish and versatile appearance. Consider babylights to draw attention to the refined definition in layers.

55. Choppy Angled Textured Lob

Exude sexy vibes with a choppy, above-shoulder lob styled in loose waves. Universally flattering, this cut suits blondes, redheads, and brunettes alike.

56. Curled Golden Hairstyle

Channel modern ringlets with a curled golden hairstyle. Thick hair capable of holding curls effortlessly achieves this beautiful shoulder-length look.

57. Straight Cut and Thoroughly Layered Lob

Experience a sleek version of the lob with straight across medium-length hair featuring thorough layering. Run fingers through the hair for a chic and signature appearance.

58. V-Cut Layers for Choppy Lob

Attain the epitome of femininity and trendiness with a choppy lob featuring V-cut layers. Avoid shorter, face-framing strands to maintain the long uniformity that makes this style striking.

1. Brunette Wavy Lob with Jagged Ends

Admit it; some of us simply prefer residing on the dark side. Skip playing with highlights and opt for a rich, all-over hue like deep mocha brown. Jagged ends breathe freshness into lobs, and imperfection is the key to this type of hairstyle.

2. Medium Textured Haircut with Dynamic Layers

Medium wavy hair craves scattered layers to enhance its texture. Subtle highlights on brunettes work harmoniously with the texture, delivering a look that’s lightweight and full of movement – essential characteristics for modern hairstyles.

3. Long Angled Bob

The lob stands out as one of the most popular medium-length hairstyles this year. It retains the light and airy feel of a short hairstyle while offering the length and versatility of a longer look. If you seek a style that’s easy to manage and looks good for any occasion, the long bob is the perfect choice.

4. Medium Layered “U” Haircut

Those with naturally wavy or straight thick hair can embrace a U-shaped haircut, gradually shorter on the sides and longer in the middle. Ideal for medium-length haircuts, this style elegantly showcases the gradual change in length.

5. Medium Layered Haircut

For busy women in need of a versatile hairstyle, these layered haircuts are a must-try. Medium to long layers within the cut provide enough flexibility for quick ponytails on the go, ensuring you look great on any occasion.

6. Shag Cut with Bangs

The ’70s are making a major comeback. With suede, flared denim, and maxi dresses dominating our closets, it’s time to embrace the medium shag haircut. The messy texture exudes a carefree vibe adored by trendsetting individuals.

7. Medium Haircut with Long Layers and Bangs

Long layers become a mid-length cut’s best friend, especially for those growing out their hair. Highlights enhance this style, providing definition and dimension.

8. Medium Length Waves

Regular deep conditioning keeps medium length waves soft and supple. A blunt cut along the bottom helps thick strands stay cohesive from root to tip. Shoulder-length haircuts for thick hair are about both cut and style – maintaining hair health is crucial.

9. Angled Layers for Medium Length Hair

Jagged layers create the appearance of torn edges, a perfect solution for slightly wavy hair. Your locks set effortlessly without special styling tricks – just blow-dry and go. A side part and long bangs contribute to the trendy look.

10. Asymmetrical Bob

For those who prefer a side-parted look, try an asymmetrical choppy bob of medium length. Your hair will graze one shoulder and fall on the chest on the other side. It’s the optimal length and texture solution for thick hair that might seem too bulky in shorter blunt cuts.

11. Shoulder Length Wavy Pink Bob

This is perhaps the most popular medium hairstyle for women – the ‘golden mean’ that’s neither too long nor too short. As gorgeous as this style is, the color is even better. The burst of cotton candy hues enhances the layered waves beautifully.

12. Collarbone Cut for Thick Hair

Ladies seeking layered haircuts for thick hair may worry about going too short. This is valid as layers add extra volume, and you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a helmet. A slightly longer collarbone length gives the style of a shorter cut but visually balances the volume.

13. Wild Layers with Blonde Color Pops

Multidirectional layers add volume and style to hair that is ceasing to define itself. Opt for a blunt, shoulder-length cut with layers of varying lengths. Liven them up by tousling your damp hair with some styling gel. Finally, go blonde with partial color throughout your mane.

14. Bold Feathered Lob for Thick Hair

Feathered choppy lobs automatically send off a bold signal. Paired with a vibrant hair color, like saturated caramel streaks over chocolate brown, this thick mane is hard to miss. The cut and color combo are fitting for every season of the year!

15. Thick Hair with a Modern Cut

Girl superheroes are a big deal in Hollywood right now, and many of them sport fun and funky hair. Take a cue from these girl power characters and get an angled cut with a creative accent color like purple, turquoise, or red.

16. Wavy Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Loose curls have been trending for a while now, and we don’t see the popularity going away anytime soon. The added movement works wonders for medium-length hair, transforming your shoulder-length tresses from bland to blam!

17. Blonde Hair with Thick Layers

Natural blondes have many different shades of blonde throughout their hair. The hair lightens with exposure to the sun and other elements. Showcase those darker tones underneath with lots of strategically placed layers. Just ensure they don’t add too much volume.

18. Side-Parted Medium Silvery Bob

With lighter shades of blonde and fine hair, it’s always recommended to darken the roots, as colorless roots make your hair appear thinner. With thick hair, you may easily skip this recommendation or follow it, depending on the chosen coloristic idea you want to bring to life.

19. Bob with Thinned out Ends

Thinned-out ends on thick hair result in a structured cut that offers both volume and a beautiful shape. Enjoy straight, wavy, or curly hairstyles for thick hair with this bob and look chic with every new style.

20. Wavy Mid-Length ‘Do

Looking for a universal length? This cut should be it. Everything about it is on-point and easy to pull off, for both women with naturally curly/wavy hair and those without. The layers are the key, and make sure to ask for a shaggy finish.

21. Purple Profusion

This is such a fun ‘do, plus it’s edgy, stunning, and easy to attain – what could be better? Medium-length hairstyles for thick hair that use thinned-out shaggy layers get more than just lift and body. The layers create tons of texture, too. They make the cut look more interesting – and when color comes into the mix, it’s even more gorgeous. Ask for razored, shaggy layers to steal this cut.

22. Medium Shaggy Waves

Styling a shoulder-length shaggy cut into a trendy wavy ‘do is a breeze even if you are not a pro. Blow dry your mane roughly and style a few loose waves with a straightener here and there. Leave the ends disconnected and shaggy.

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