Feathered Hair

1. Medium Cut with Light Layers

Opt for a hairstyle that seamlessly blends softness with a touch of edginess. This medium-length cut, adorned with light layers, offers a refined feathered appearance, particularly towards the ends. It’s an ideal choice for those with shoulder-length hair, providing a sleek yet dynamic look.

2. Soft, Flip-Worthy Waves

For those desiring a hairstyle that exudes both texture and vitality, consider this gentle flip. It’s an excellent selection for individuals with naturally wavy hair, maintaining its charming and intricate appearance whether styled straight or curly.

3. Long, Textured Shag

Choose this tousled shag cut to keep your locks both stylish and manageable. Its textured appearance shines when slightly unkempt, relieving you from the need for constant perfect styling. Feathered layers introduce an intriguing dimension, while its coloration ensures a soft visual appeal.

4. Short Feathered Haircut

Revitalize fine hair with this updated take on the classic bob, featuring feathered side fringe for enhanced fullness. The strategic layering around the face creates a flowing effect, amplifying volume towards the back for a fuller, denser look.

5. Choppy Layers with Lowlights

This cut is your go-to for adding volume and dimension. The choppy layers paired with subdued tones lend a textured richness to your hair. Side-swept layers amplify thickness, highlighting the style’s distinct lowlights.

6. Feathered Layered Hair

This throwback layered cut, reminiscent of the 70s, promises to captivate onlookers. Suitable for any face shape, it lightens thick hair while a side-swept fringe and curled ends inject a modern twist into the feathered look.

7. Stacked Bob with Feathered Layers

This variation of the stacked bob incorporates feathered layers to soften the silhouette, offering a playful yet sophisticated hairstyle. It’s a refreshing take on short hair, bringing vibrancy and a hint of bounce.

8. Medium Length Feathered Hair

Don’t delay in booking your next salon visit to achieve this exquisite straight bob, accentuated with feathered layers and highlights that frame the face. This low-maintenance cut is effortlessly stylish and versatile for any occasion.

9. Neck-Length Layered Bob

This feathered bob sits just above the shoulders, naturally enhancing volume and height, perfect for those with finer hair. Its layered design makes it a breeze to maintain.

10. Rose Gold Feathered Bob

Elevate your medium-length hair with a feathered cut and transform it with a rose gold hue for a captivatingly stylish look. A touch of texturizing spray and a blow-dry with a round brush will achieve that salon-quality finish.

11. Gorgeous Brunette Feathered Hairstyle

Infuse your long locks with vibrancy through this flipped-up feathered cut, designed to add dynamic movement. Stepped layers facilitate at-home styling with a simple round brush, enhancing its practicality.

12. ‘70s-Inspired Layers

Embrace a medium-length layered cut to elevate your hair’s volume and texture. Opting for front highlights or balayage accentuates the feathery layers, creating a voluminous illusion for thinner hair.

13. Midi Shag with Face-Framing Highlights

This mid-length, razored shag cut introduces a rock-inspired edge to your everyday look, enhanced by trendy blonde highlights. Ideal for fine to medium hair, this layered style remains manageable without overwhelming thick hair.

14. Short Feathered Hair

This jaw-length bob, adorned with crisp feathered layers, offers an abundance of volume, especially around the crown. Side-swept bangs add a dramatic flair, making it a perfect choice for adding density to fine hair.

15. Short Layered Pixie Bob

Explore the versatility of fine hair with this easy-to-manage, layered pixie bob. Feathered layers atop introduce added volume, while its short length ensures a lightweight feel, perfect for graceful growth.

16. Voluminous Feathered Lob with Bangs

Combine a layered cut with feathered bangs for a glamorous, 70s-inspired look. This hairstyle shines on blonde hair and blue eyes, channeling classic Hollywood glamour.

17. Long Flowy Feathered Hairstyle

This long, feathered style boasts airy layers that frame the face beautifully when styled with a large round brush, giving your blonde strands extra dimension and a multi-layered look that’s bound to turn heads.

18. Feathered Shag for Straight Thick Hair

Make a statement with this feathered shag, effortlessly achieving a flirty, feminine look through short, feathered layers and side bangs. The sandy blonde hue adds a soft, balancing touch to the textured cut.

19. Long Wispy Feathered Shag

Stand out with this disheveled feathered cut,

where razored layers add lift to fine hair. Front bangs complement shorter layers, finishing off the edgy rocker aesthetic.

20. Light Brown Pixie with Long Layers

Embrace a bold look with this long-layered pixie cut, featuring soft, chopped layers and caramel highlights. This short style highlights facial angles while softening the overall look, ideal for a modern twist.

21. Hot Feathered Cut for Long Hair

Feathered cuts offer a fantastic way to embrace a tousled look without compromising length. Short, choppy layers create the illusion of wavy body, delivering the voluminous allure of a glamorous style.

22. Short Feathered Flipped-Up Hairstyle

Keep your look fresh and edgy with this black spiky pixie, characterized by long layers. The sharp angles and flipped-up feathered layers suit coarse hair well, adding a playful dimension.

23. Thick Feathered Lob with Bangs

This medium-length feathered hairstyle with a fringe masterfully manages thick hair, crafting a sleek, contemporary appearance. Layers add a dynamic shape and lightness, while a golden blonde color enhances shine.

24. Medium Cut with Face-Framing Feathering

Never out of style, this feathered layered hair with blonde balayage and side-swept bangs elegantly frames the face. The look captivates, ensuring all eyes are on you.

25. Long Feathered Pixie with Side Bangs

Feathered bangs complement any hair length, as demonstrated by this chic pixie cut. It’s a sophisticated yet playful style, perfect for those seeking a blend of elegance and fun.

26. Side-Swept Feathery Bangs

For a subtle approach to the feathered look, this cut with side bangs is ideal. It frames the face gently, with highlights adding dimension and emphasizing the layered texture without overwhelming.

27. Natural Feathers

Ideal for blondes looking for a playful yet understated style, this haircut features layers that mimic feathers, enhancing the hair’s natural beauty without overdoing it.

28. Voluminous Layers

This style is your solution for adding volume. The layered cut achieves a full look without appearing too bulky, offering a modern yet subtle enhancement to your natural hair.

29. Glamorous Blonde Layers

A straight cut that leverages feathering techniques for a sophisticated yet edgy look. The combination of side bangs and ombre coloring accentuates the choppy, textured layers.

30. The Sweep-Away Bang

Featuring a prominent bang, this hairstyle integrates long layers for a cohesive look that doesn’t detract from the bang’s impact. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to refresh their style while maintaining length, offering a striking yet harmonious appearance.

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