50 Chic Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Trendy Look in 2024

1. Stacked Nape-Length Bob with Elongation

The more pronounced the slant and the shorter the length of your angled bob, the greater the drama and height on the crown. Ideal for visually elongating a round face, this cut can also soften a square face, especially when opting for front pieces that gently curl under.

Short Inverted Brown Bob

2. Sleek Stack

Flaunting a rounded silhouette that pairs flawlessly with straight hair, the stacked bob haircut offers a timeless elegance. Precision-angled and adorned with soft layers, this cut is universally flattering and enhances the overall appeal for any individual.

brunette angled stacked bob for straight hair

3. Stacked and Angled Two-Tone Bob

Embracing femininity at any age, the stacked bob with a tapered nape showcases impressive hair thickness. The addition of a two-tone color scheme adds a captivating dimension to this stylish cut.

Two Tone Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

4. Short Textured Stacked Bob

Explore side and back views of this short stacked bob, revealing how the right cut and subtle balayage create a rounder shape, lending thickness to fine hair. Feathered, side-swept bangs provide balance to the voluminous crown and back.

Stacked Bob Back View

5. Short Two-Tier Bob Cut

Perfect for thick hair, the rounded two-tier bob features feathered layers, emphasizing texture. The stacked back introduces volume and height, while the golden-blonde color exudes femininity and sophistication.

Short Stacked Bob Cut For Thick Hair

6. Messy Edgy Pastel Purple Bob

Breaking away from traditional stacked bobs, this edgy hairstyle features chin-length peek-a-boo bangs and spiky layers, exuding boldness and a contemporary flair.

Pastel Purple Stacked Layered Bob

7. Pixie Bob with V-Cut Nape

Refresh your look with a high stacked bob, side-swept bangs, and a V-cut nape. This style effortlessly showcases your neck and shoulders, adding a touch of allure, and perhaps revealing a hidden tattoo.

High Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

8. Sleek Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

Designed for fine hair that struggles to hold a curl, this jaw-length bob boasts smooth, sleek tresses, peek-a-boo bangs framing the face, and a deep side part for an urban, edgy feel. The dark auburn color adds vibrancy.

Sleek Jaw Length Bob For Fine Hair

9. Short Stacked Brunette Bob

A sporty and casual appearance is achieved with a short, stacked brunette bob for thick hair. The poofy crown imparts height, drawing attention to the graceful neck and creating a rounded shape angled towards the chin.

Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

10. White Choppy Pixie Bob

Embrace a futuristic stacked bob with silver-white color and choppy layers, offering a fashion-forward look. Opt for your natural hair color for a more down-to-earth appearance.

Choppy Silver Stacked Bob Hairstyle

11. Short Caramel Inverted Bob

The angled shape of the inverted bob, coupled with straight hair, creates a sophisticated appearance. Elongated front pieces add polish, and the caramel tone enhances the healthy and shiny look of the hair.

12. Very Short Stacked Bob with Layers

Discover the dimensional pixie bob with short, thick hair, showcasing wavy layers for added texture. The bronde palette contributes depth and richness to this stylish short hair.

13. Sharp Angled Stack

Utilizing dramatic layers in the back, a straight-cut nape, and longer, angled front, this stacked haircut combines the bob’s look with the ease of a pixie cut. Perfect for a wash-and-go style, it’s ideal for busy mornings.

14. Inverted Bob with Finely Chopped Back

Delicate and refined layers in an inverted bob pair beautifully with subtle golden blonde balayage, offering a sophisticated look with a less damaging lightening effect.

15. One-Length Bob with Stacked Nape

Luxurious and fully stacked in the nape, this bob showcases the thickness of the hair. The cinnamon brown balayage enhances the depth and volume of this eye-catching style.

16. Wavy Layered Caramel Balayage Bob

Stacked layered bob cuts may pose challenges for curls, but with careful styling, a wavy, textured look is achievable. Opt for a natural, messy wave for a laid-back appearance.

17. Short Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

Offering an alternative to a pixie, this short asymmetrical bob with extended fringe provides flexibility and styling options. Regular trims are essential for longer lengths with higher maintenance.

18. Stacked Brunette with Caramel Balayage

Showcase body and volume with stacked layers in this angled bob. Strong-hold hairspray and piecey caramel highlights contribute to a reflective effect, boosting overall volume.

19. Cropped Wavy Dark Bob with Highlights

Tousled curly locks and elongated front pieces create a shattered stacked shape, exuding effortlessness and class. Height and texture are abundant, with unpredictable highlights adding whimsical charm.

20. Shattered Plum Red Bob

Invest in rich color for a bold statement. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos to maintain the health of your hair. This stacked bob with a futuristic twist enhances your appearance.

21. Neat Bronde Bob with Stacked Layers

For those favoring neat and polished bobs over shags, this inverted bob with smooth lines and stacked layers creates a streamlined silhouette. Ideal for straight hair, it defies monotony with a classy cut and color.

22. Voluminous Feathered Bob for Straight Hair

Revitalize flat, lifeless shoulder-length hair with a neck-length stacked bob. The added volume imparts a lifting effect, while chic metallic highlights brighten your complexion.

23. Jaw-Length Razored Bronde Bob

Ideal for thin hair, the jagged side part and feathery razored ends create a bulkier, voluminous silhouette. Bronde balayage and extra-light pieces add to the flattering appeal.

24. Pretty Rounded Ash Blonde Bob

A cropped, stacked haircut with a dramatic angle offers additional height and body for the crown. The rounded shape balances out a rounder face, while a quality blowout enhances the effect.

25. Tousled Inverted Bronde Bob

Opt for a bob crop if you’re tired of length. Incorporate deep conditioning treatments and leave-in conditioner for a fresh, effortless look.

26. Chic Bob with Swoopy Layers

The A-line bob showcases multiple stacked layers, creating a rounded shape ideal for naturally thick hair. Subtle copper highlights add sheen, enhancing the glow in sunlight.

27. Inverted Bob with Added Crown Layers

A distinctive auburn and blonde palette complements the long, stacked bob cut with lofty crown layers. This medium-length straight hair, parted on the side, creates an alluring, head-turning hairstyle.

28. Two-Tone Short Shaggy Haircut

For a mix of pixie and stacked bob, this style features a predominantly blonde top and dark chocolate brown nape. The boldness of the teased crown adds a playful touch.

29. Short White Bob for Fine Hair

Naturally fine hair benefits from a super-short bob with stacked layers. Longer front pieces frame the face with soft angles, while a delicate silver hue adds sophistication.

30. Short Pearl Blonde Raz

ored Bob
A stacked bob upgraded with razored ends and piece-y texture offers a youthful edge. The shimmering pearl-blonde color adds a touch of glam to the cut.

31. Angled Bob with Swoopy Feathered Layers

Wispy feathered strands add movement to the medium stacked bob haircut. Long front pieces slim down the face, and partial blonde highlights create a sun-kissed, natural look.

32. Strawberry Blonde Stack with Red Highlights

A blonde stacked cut with red highlights guarantees attention. The shorter length and layering create the illusion of a thicker mane, making it suitable for fine hair.

33. Wavy Brown and Burgundy 2-in-1 Bob

Fabulous for curly and thick hair, this medium, wavy cut is a sexy, texturized option. Brown and burgundy hues add spice to the overall look.

34. Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

An angled bob offers a trendy twist to a short cut. Texturizing spray and tousling provide a laid-back vibe to this contemporary style.

35. Short Blonde Bob with Piece-y Layers

A stacked bob with piecey layers creates a shattered, rounded silhouette. Suited for rectangular and square-shaped faces, it spotlights pieciness and boosts overall texture and movement.

36. Highlighted Bob with Stacked Layers and Bangs

A swoopy, short-in-the-back, long-in-the-front haircut adds sophistication to an on-trend dirty blonde color, creating a contemporary feel.

37. Platinum Blonde Bob

Stacked haircuts accentuate volume, even for the thinnest strands. The layered back adds extra oomph, and a good texturizer and fine-tooth comb enhance the overall body.

38. Voluminous Medium-Length Bob

Relying on added volume on top and on the sides, this hairstyle deviates from the common stacked-in-back look. Teasing, dry shampoo, or hairpieces contribute to the sky-high height.

39. Inverted Bob Undercut

A rocker chic undercut adds a punk vibe to this statement-making stacked hairstyle. Toning down the color and opting for minimal styling complements the already bold haircut.

40. Slanted Bob with Choppy Back

The steep angle and length contrast between the back and front create an eye-catching stacked bob. The blunt cut in the back to a pronounced point in the front requires minimal styling for an appealing look.

41. Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

The A-line cut excels for fine hair, showcasing thickness with an angled and layered style. The front and back views reveal the effectiveness of this cut for creating a fuller appearance.

42. Fiery Stacked Bob

Go bold with an electric color and a daring short stacked bob. The sleek choice pairs vibrancy with style, maintaining a sense of individuality.

43. Wispy Black Bob

Chic and casual, the pitch black hue adds boldness to this short stacked bob. The piecey layers enhance movement, creating an effortlessly stylish appearance.

44. Inverted Blonde Style

Chic and easy for the woman on the go, this undercut bob frames the face while keeping it super short at the back. The dark nape undercut and blonde highlights add natural dimension.

45. Dimensional Dirty-Blonde Stack

Featuring chunky V-cut layers and dimensional balayage highlights, this textured take on stacked bob haircuts ensures a far-from-boring style.

46. Short Textured Brown Bob

Modern textured layers differentiate a chic bob from a conventional style. Ideal for a beach wave, this short-haired look embraces a beachy style with concentrated styling towards the face.

47. Extreme Teased Stack

Not every stacked cut is sleek and angled; some feature an extreme teasing finish with almost straight-cut edges. The heavily backcombed crown adds volume and texture to this unique stacked bob.

48. Medium Brown Stack

A polished medium brown version of the stacked cut features carefully angled sides, creating a classy A-line haircut with slightly off-center parting and flipped-in edges.

49. Cute and Discreet Espresso Brown Bob

Whether with bangs or without, the back view is crucial for your look. A shorter bob flatters slim figures and long necks, while a medium bob or lob suits others.

50. Blonde Stack with Deep Side Bang

A top-notch long stacked haircut with deeply parted and swooped bangs, bright blonde color, and a perfectly angled lob cut creates a sexy and stylish look. This represents the ideal appearance for stacked haircuts.

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