65 Trendy Curly Bob Haircuts for a Playful Makeover

1: Soft and Relaxed Curly Bob

Explore the charming silhouette created by soft, relaxed curls. For a stunning rendition of this style, choose a length that barely grazes the shoulders. Incorporate medium textured layers to introduce volume and movement into the bob, and request a face-framing cut to gently soften the area around your cheeks. To prevent any unwanted frizz, lightly style the upper layers with a curling iron for a polished look.

Soft and Relaxed Curly Bob Hair with a subtle side part and face framing

2: Messy Curly Bob for Thick Hair

Embrace the effortless charm of a messy curly bob, characterized by its breezy feel and dynamic volume, yet maintaining a distinct silhouette.

Messy Curly Bob for Thick Hair

3: Wavy Bob with Layers

Opt for a curly bob with even layers throughout. This adaptable haircut suits a wide range of hair types, including thick, thin, fine, or coarse textures.

Attractive bob with wavy layers

4: A-Line Bob with Short Bangs

Adopt a layered, A-line bob complemented by short bangs. The pronounced fringe and layers that frame the face are particularly beneficial for finer hair, offering the structure it often lacks.

Curly A Line Bob Haircut with Short Bangs

5: Side Part Bob with Bouncy Curls

Delight in the freeing contour of a side-parted bob adorned with bouncy curls. A layered bob is universally flattering, with medium layers that either add volume to fine hair or lighten the load for thicker hair, culminating in the ideal haircut. This style promises a quicker drying time due to the shorter length, offering ease of management. It can be styled straight or with loose waves using a 3/4-inch iron, providing versatility.

Chin Grazing Side Part Bob with Bouncy Curls

6: Jaw-Length Curly Bob

This versatile curly bob looks fantastic in any setting, defined by its playfulness and compatibility with various looks. Its soft pastel tones enhance the bob’s versatility, making it a chic and feminine choice for anyone.

Jaw Length Curly Bob Haircut

7: Barbie Blonde Ringlets

Channel Barbie with this curly bob that boasts defined ringlets, making it an excellent choice for evening events.

Bob Cut with Barbie Blonde Ringlets

8: Barbie Blonde Curly Bob

Feel beautiful with a curly bob in Barbie blonde, where bright blonde hues highlight the delightful curls. Consider adding highlights to a natural brown base and intersperse lowlights for a multi-dimensional shine.

Curly Barbie Blonde Bob Hairstyle

9: Stylish Inverted and Curly Bob

Opt for a modern, curly bob that accentuates natural hair. Air-dry your bob and apply a curl enhancer for a consistent, defined finish. Request a cut that is shorter in the back and longer in the front for a contemporary flair.

Stylish Bob that is Inverted and Curly

10: Spectacular Curls on a Bob

Revitalize your curls with a bob cut, trimming your hair for enhanced shape and eliminating dead ends through dusting. This will significantly elevate the appearance of your curls.

Spectacular Curls on a Bob for women with thick hair

11: Classic Short Bob with Curls

This modern twist on a classic curly bob offers a low-maintenance, effortlessly stylish look. The short, voluminous bob brightens the face and showcases stunning, lively waves.

Classic Short Bob Haircut with Curls

12: Softer Waves

A softer bob designed for tight wavy textures prevents the shape from becoming triangular over time. Strategic layers allow for longer growth without the ends feeling overly heavy.

Softer Waves on a Curly Bob

13: Specialized Spiraled Deva Cut

Experience a Deva Cut, a specialized bob haircut for curly hair developed by Deva Curl Haircare. This style is ideal for those with medium to tight curls.

Specialized Spiraled Deva Cut Curly Bob

14: Short Stacked Curly Bob

This timeless, ultra-feminine stacked curly bob is best suited for fine hair, medium curl patterns, and a high neckline.

Stacked curly bobs

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