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Trendy Look: How to Style Curtain Bangs with Wavy hair 

1: Cute Curtain Bangs with Collarbone-Length Waves

If you’re in the “in-between” phase with your hair, consider livening up your look with a collarbone-length cut featuring lived-in waves. Elevate this style by adding cute curtain bangs, providing a fresh and chic appearance as you contemplate your next hairstyle.

2: Soft Curtain Fringe for Mid-Length Hair

Flatter your wavy hair with a soft curtain fringe on mid-length hair. This haircut not only enhances texture and movement but also achieves a balanced look by thinning out the sides. The removal of weight results in an effortless style that complements wavy hair.

3: Wand Waves with Curtain Fringe

For beautiful volume and soft face framing, use a wand to create waves. Opt for a 1-inch or 1.5-inch iron and add soft, warm highlights for dimension. Ensure you prep your hair with a heat protectant like Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Super Comb Prep & Protect. This style, with curtain bangs, can be especially stunning for green eyes and olive tones.

4: Thick Curtain Bangs for Thick Mid-Length Hair

Add shape to your long, thick hair with thick curtain bangs for mid-length hair. This haircut, especially suited for wavy hair types, incorporates heavy, thick bangs and soft face-framing, providing a stylish and voluminous appearance.

5: Two-Toned, Tousled Shag with a Curtain Fringe

Revamp your wavy hairstyle with atwo-toned, tousled shag featuring a curtain fringe. Introduce a swath of color or increased layers to transform your entire look. When opting for curtain bangs for wavy hair and an oval face, maintain a wide angle to avoid elongating the face.

6: Long Wavy Hair with Pink Tips

For medium to thick density long wavy hair, consider adding pink tips. Thicker hair types showcase the pink color more effectively. To maintain and strengthen your hair, particularly if it’s thin, use a shampoo system like Redken Extreme Lengths.

7: Undone Texture on a Center-Parted Lob

Explore undone texture on a center-parted lob, combining curtain bangs for thick wavy hair. This shoulder-length style exudes charm with a tousled, effortless finish, making it particularly appealing for those seeking a stylish and manageable look.

8: Long Tousled Layers with Face-Framing Bangs

Rediscover the joy of styling with long tousled layers and face-framing bangs. Curtain bangs for long wavy hair make styling easy, allowing for a “perfectly imperfect” finish. Use Verb’s “Volume Dry Texture Spray” for a textured, tousled look.

9: Wavy French Bob with Side Part Curtain Bangs

Put a twist on the wavy French bob with side-part curtain bangs. Ideal for those seeking the best curtain bangs for wavy hair and a round face, this style also works well with wavy, shorter crops.

10: Textured Wavy Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

For women with thick hair, a textured wavy cut with bangs is a must-try. This style, featuring curtain bangs for a square face, seamlessly blends into the length while flattering the face shape.

11: Layered Shag with Bangs and Loose Curls

Embrace the beauty of a layered wavy shag with bangs and loose curls. Textured bangs add a classic touch, while extreme layering provides a modern vibe. This cut strikes a balance between classic and contemporary styles.

12: ‘70s Shag Haircut with Swoopy Bangs

Transport yourself to the ’70s with a shag haircut and swoopy bangs. Bardot fringe complements the razored crop, creating a harmonious look. Achieve the perfect swoop with a blow-dry brush like the Drybar “Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush.”

13: Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs and Money Pieces

Switch up your shag with wavy hair, curtain bangs, and money pieces. Money pieces add a touch of color,enhancing your overall look. Opt for a center part to maximize the impact of this style.

14: Face-Framing Fringe on Tousled, Wavy Hair

Pair tousled, wavy hair with a face-framing fringe for a stylish look. If bangs aren’t your usual choice, curtain bangs can be customized for any face shape. Adjust curtain bangs for a round face with more blending and a slightly harsher angle.

15: Soft Shaggy Hair with Layered Curtain Bangs

Get on-trend with soft, long, shaggy hair featuring layered curtain bangs. This style is versatile and pairs well with various cuts. Adjust curtain bangs for oval face shapes by layering and widening the angle for a seamless look.

16: Razored Shag Cut with Bardot Bangs

Strike a balance between modern edge and classic romance with a razored shag cut and Bardot bangs. The blended face-framing layers complement the cut, providing a timeless yet contemporary appearance. The razor method adds an illusion of fullness, making it ideal for fine hair.

17: Modern Shag with a Curtain Fringe for Long, Wavy Hair

Long, wavy hair looks stunning with a modern shag and curtain fringe. The combination of long layers and curtain bangs enhances body and movement, creating a chic and effortless style.

18: Medium Haircut with Messy Waves and Bangs

For women with curly wavy hair, consider a medium haircut with messy waves and bangs. This style is perfect for those who embrace a tousled, natural texture. To enhance the beachy look, invest in a sea salt spray. Bumble and Bumble’s “Surf Spray” ($29) is recommended for defining waves and achieving that carefree vibe.

19: Loose Waves and Straight Curtain Bangs

Surprisingly, loose waves and straight curtain bangs make a great combination. If you’re a fan of waves but not so much of curly fringe, opt for wispy curtain bangs for wavy hair. This style strikes a balance between the two textures, creating a chic and harmonious look.

20: Wavy Shag with Feathered Bangs

Feel like an angel with a wavy shag featuring feathered bangs. When choosing curtain bangs, wavy hair paired with a classic cut transports you back in time and ensures you’ll turn heads. For those with wavy thick hair, this style is particularly flattering and exudes a timeless charm.

21: Long Curtain Fringe on Wavy, Blonde Hair

Embrace a beachy style with long curtain fringe on wavy, blonde hair. This cut and color combination is a fantastic way to radiate confidence and capture that sunshiney feel throughout the year. Long curtain bangs for wavy hair create a beautiful frame, making you look and feel your best.

22: Mid-Length Cut with Thick Waves and Middle Part

Women sporting a mid-length cut can enhance their look with thick waves and a middle part. Subtle curtain bangs complement middle parts and mid-length cuts seamlessly. Request your stylist to blend the bangs down into your face-framing for a polished and seamless appearance.

23: Textured Waves with Bardot Bangs

Explore the romantic pairing of textured waves with Bardot bangs. This style is a must-try for those seeking curtain bangs for long hair. For added impact, consider boosting the effect of your bangs with expertly placed ombre or balayage, creating a truly enchanting look.

24: Wavy Curtain Bangs for Layered Hair

Achieve a tousled look with wavy curtain bangs for layered hair. Since most cuts involve some variation of layering, curtain bangs complement layered hair effortlessly, contributing to an overall effortless and tousled finish.

25: Voluminous Waves and Face-Framing Fringe

Textured waves and Bardot bangs make for the most romantic style pairing. If you’re on the lookout for curtain bangs with layers for wavy hair, this style is a must-try. To add a bit more “oomph,” enhance the impact of your bangs with skillfully placed ombre or balayage within your wavy style.

26: Thin Curtain Bangs for Short, Wavy Hair

Ladies with finer locks can experiment with thin curtain bangs and short, wavy hair. Curtain bangs for wavy short hair work well as the hair’s perimeter is closer to the bangs, making blending and grow-out easier. Short crops also provide a fuller appearance for thin hair with wavier strands.

27: Middle-Parted Mullet Shag with Bangs

For a trendy and bold haircut, consider the middle-parted mullet shag with bangs, also known as octopus hair. These curtain bangs for wavy medium hair offer a fashionable and timeless look. While reminiscent of the shag cuts from the ’70s, this style takes it a step further with a more extreme angle and defined layering, making it a distinctive and contemporary choice.

– Are Curtain Bangs Suitable for Both Wavy and Straight Hair?

Curtain bangs offer versatility for all hair types, framing the face with a soft, approachable look. Whether you’re navigating waves or embracing sleek strands, learning how to style curtain bangs can unlock numerous chic looks, enhancing texture for wavy hair or adding dimension to straight cuts.

28: Long Soft Waves and Curtain Bangs

Indulge in romance with long, soft wavy hair paired with curtain bangs and a middle part. Curtain bangs for wavy long hair create a picturesque and alluring look. The soft, touchable waves, combined with a subtle peek of the eyes through the bangs, add an element of mystery. This style is perfect for those seeking a timeless and romantic vibe.

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