40 Jaw-Dropping Short Wedding Hairstyles That’ll Steal the Show

Short Wavy Wedding Hairstyle with a Side Clip

If you’re a fan of the ‘less is more’ philosophy, opt for bouncy curls to achieve a stunning bridal look. When selecting hair accessories, let your jewelry style guide you, whether it’s silver or gold, pearls or crystals, floral or geometric patterns, and more.

Wavy Bob with Headpiece Bridal Hairstyle

Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

A contemporary and elegant choice, the low bun suits most brides. Avoiding an overly slicked-back appearance, consider leaving some face-framing locks to add a touch of softness.

Short Hair Low Bun with Tendrils

Wedding Hairstyle for Very Short Hair

Despite limited options for short hair, you can still create a special and bridal look for your pixie cut. Curl the top section, and use pomade to achieve a sleeker look on the sides and back.

Wedding Style for Pixie Short Hair

Messy Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Opt for a soft, relaxed, and simple updo for a low-key wedding hairstyle. Create curls with tongs, tease the roots for volume, and twist everything up, leaving shorter strands around the front.

Relaxed Wedding Updo for Short Hair

Textured Low Bun Wedding Hairdo

Surprisingly, this easy and effortless wavy bridal updo can be achieved on shoulder-length hair. Ideal for those who love texture and a bohemian vibe, consider wearing it with or without a veil, but a beautiful headpiece is a must.

Curled Short Hair Wedding Updo

Short Ponytail with a Faux Mohawk

Utilize clip-in extensions for short hair and create a trendy ponytail. Precise color matching is crucial for a natural look, and many reputable hair extension brands offer online services to help with shade selection.

Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle with Fauxhawk

Sleek Low Bun

Achieving sleek wedding hairstyles for short hair can be challenging, especially with thick or layered hair. For this dream bridal look, research and find a hairstylist specializing in sleek styles.

Sleek Low Bun and Long Earrings Bridal Look

Short Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

A versatile and flattering choice, the half-up, half-down hairstyle suits any face shape. The combination of chunky braids and soft waves makes it one of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Naturally Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Embrace the natural texture of short curly hair with twisted and tousled buns. A dash of smoothing cream and a few grips can secure this twisted updo in place.

Crown Twist and Low Chignon Bun for Short Curly Hair

Wavy Bob with a Beautiful Headpiece

Make a statement with a focal point headband, complemented by loose curls framing your face. This chic look pairs well with a laconic, understated dress.

Tousled Bob and Headband Jewelry Bridal Look

Textured Low Bun for Short Hair

While longer length is often required for updos, if your hair at the lower nape area is at least 4-5 inches long, you can potentially create various wedding hairstyles, though they may be smaller and less voluminous.

Ballerina Bun with Pearls

Keep it simple and elegant with a smooth ballerina bun, adding a special touch with accessories like pearl pins, which are currently on trend.

Short Wedding Hairstyle with a Tiara

Short messy curls paired with a statement tiara create a whimsical, fairy-like wedding hairstyle, perfect for a bohemian flowy dress and natural dewy makeup.

Braided Updo for Short Hair

Braids add texture and style to both curly and straight short hair, making them a popular choice for modern brides.

Updo with Baby’s Breath Flower Crown

Flower crowns are perfect for a rustic wedding theme, and they beautifully complement any relaxed bridal updo.

Beach Waves and French Braids

While short hair may limit hairstyle options, you can still rock a half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle, especially cute with loose waves and braids.

Wedding Pixie Cut Look

Even ultra-short hair can make a stunning wedding hairstyle, as seen in this curly pixie adorned with a crystal headdress.

Short Hairstyle with Infinity Braid

For a sweet and simple wedding hairstyle, consider the infinity braid, which adds a beautiful symbol to your bridal look.

Low Bun for Short Hair

A low bun remains a timeless and beautiful choice for many brides, with the option to finish it off with a pearl hair vine, crystal pins, or fresh flowers.

Hollywood Style Vintage Waves for Short Hair

Achieve a natural and chic look with Hollywood-style vintage waves, perfect for any hair type and length. Pair it with a tulle headband for a non-traditional veil alternative.

Short Spiral Waves

Create spiraled waves on short hair using a medium barrel curling iron, securing each section with pins. Stylists often use this trick to thicken strands for wedding hairstyles.

Curly Updo for Short Hair

Short hair offers plenty of stylish options, including this curly updo held in place with hairpins. Add flowers or jewels for extra flair.

Short Classic Hairstyle with Modern Twist

A classic hairstyle with a modern twist involves tying back the remaining hair into two twisted knots, leaving dainty face-framing locks for a swish wedding updo.

Braided Bob Short Hairdo

Transform a short bob into a lovely wedding hairstyle with wide curls resting on one side and neat braids on the opposite side, pairing well with a flowing or mini bridal dress.

Short Wedding Hairstyle with a Swanky Headband

Select a hair jewelry piece that complements your hairstyle, such as a lacy headband enhancing thin delicate waves.

Neat Bridal Hairdo with Headband

Keep it simple with a delicate headband for a chic and modern look, perfect for bob-length hair partially tied back.

Teased Wedding Hair with Embellishment

Create a teased look with a delicate accessory or small flowers, providing an elegant touch to your wedding hairstyle.

Curly Wedding Hairstyle with an Orchid

Enhance your short hair with curls and fresh flowers like an orchid, adding luxury to a simple wedding hairstyle.

Monroe Inspired Curls

Embrace Marilyn Monroe’s iconic style with large hair rollers, achieving fabulous wedding hair for blondes.

Low Messy Chignon for Short Hair

A low messy chignon complements rustic bridal attire, and it can be adorned with artificial or fresh flowers for a barn wedding.

Short Hairstyle with Vintage Curls

Achieve a soft vintage look with curls inspired by the 20s, adding an eye-catching hairpiece for a stylish wedding hairstyle.

Sleek and Simple Wedding Style

Keep things simple and elegant by wearing hair straight and sleek, with the option to add various hairpieces for a touch of sophistication.

Large Curl Updo

Create envy-worthy curls with large sections of hair, securing them in place for a beautiful short hair wedding style.

Curly Bob Hairdo with Side Twists

Opt for a bold bridal bob by incorporating wide curls on one side and neat braids on the other, complemented by a lace flower with pearls.

Understated Beauty

Keep wedding hairstyles simple yet lovely with a pulled-back style that allows curls and tendrils to frame your face.

Short Hair Formal Fauxhawk

Add a formal touch to a short and curly fauxhawk with embellished hair clips, striking a balance between formal and fun.

Retro Glam Wedding Hair

Infuse a vintage touch into your bridal look with headbands for short hair, seamlessly blending with veils or other accessories.

Braided Lavender Hair

Experiment with hair colors for a unique wedding hairstyle, such as soft lavender with a touch of silver, complemented by fresh flowers or appropriate accessories.

Wood Nymph Inspiration for Your Wedding Hairstyle

Embrace a laid-back and romantic hairstyle, complemented by refined hair jewelry for a whimsical touch.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle

Opt for a romantic updo with light styling mousse, slightly backcombed bangs, and a large hair flower to complete a feminine and attractive wedding look.

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