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50 Trendy Bob Haircuts with Bangs for a Fresh Look – Hair Adviser | Short bob Hairstyles with Bangs

1. Copper Layered Bob with Bangs

Highlight your sharp angular features with the Copper Layered Bob featuring striking cheekbones. This chin-length bob is perfect for showcasing those edgy contours, offering a textured and full look for ladies with thin hair. Introduce thin highlights, known as babylights, to infuse a subtle glimmer of color throughout the style, steering away from heavy, streaky highlights of the past.

2. Wispy Bob with Light Layers and Bangs

Elevate your style with the Wispy Bob, boasting lightweight layers and bangs, ideal for those with thicker hair seeking an airy feel. Maintain balance by aligning the shortest layers at the back of the crown with the length of the front bangs, creating a harmonious overall look.

3. Inverted Bob with Ombrè

Add length around the face effortlessly with the Inverted Bob, gracefully descending from the back of the neck to the shoulders. Draw attention with a mix of subtle blonde ombrè highlights, casting a brightening effect on dark chocolate locks. This polished yet sexy look is versatile enough for both work and weekend outings.

4. Medium Messy Waves with Side Bangs

Channel effortless allure with the Medium Messy Waves, a bed-head inspired texture for a blunt or textured shoulder-length cut. Seamless integration of wispy side bangs into the messy waves creates a carefree and mysterious “girl next door” vibe. Best suited for fine and medium-thick hair textures.

5. Cute Tousled Short Brown Bob

Escape the feeling of minimal hair with the Cute Tousled Short Brown Bob, offering thickness and volume at the crown. Embrace full front bangs and an almost bowl-like shape for a chic and ready-to-wear style, reminiscent of the Beatles but with a modern twist.

6. Blunt and Layered Caramel Brown Bob

Embrace uniqueness with the Blunt and Layered Caramel Brown Bob, featuring a straight-across bottom and a deep middle part mirroring the blunt cut. Elevate the look with caramel highlights, injecting life into the linear finish for a modern and stylish appearance.

7. Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

Opt for a super chic straight bob, ideal for shoulder-length hair cut at an angle towards the face. Explore the allure of long, layered side bangs instead of traditional front-facing bangs, creating a contrasting and cool effect by blow-drying the bangs away from the face.

8. Chin-Length Choppy Ash Blonde Bob

Infuse a grungy vibe into your bob with side bangs by incorporating razor-cut choppy layers. Embrace intentional unkempt bangs for a messy yet stylish approach, tailored for chin-length hairstyles to prevent weighing down the overall look.

9. Platinum Bob Cut with Wispy Bangs

Capture attention with the Platinum Bob Cut featuring side bangs and feathered layers. This sleek and stylish look, ideal for naturally fine hair, adds dimension and style. The stunning blonding job enhances the overall appeal, offering a complete and fashionable appearance.

10. Short Textured Bob with Choppy Bangs

Make a statement with a Short Textured Bob and lavender-hued super choppy layers. Enhance your look with contrasting colors against a darker base, achieving an edgy and sleek finish. A must-try for those seeking a bold and contemporary style.

11. Classy A-Line Bob with Fringy Edges

Embrace sophistication with the Classy A-Line Bob, exuding Anna Wintour vibes with a perfected and coiffed appearance. Maintain the power cut with an A-line shape, framed around the face and straight-across bangs hitting right at the brows.

12. Wavy Sun-Kissed Bob with Bangs

Enhance natural body and texture with the Wavy Sun-Kissed Bob, perfect for those with curly or wavy hair. Achieve a mermaid-inspired look by wrapping large sections around a curling wand and finishing with sea salt spray for a beachy finish.

13. Sliced Blonde Bob with Short Bangs

Embrace the cuteness and style of sliced blonde bob featuring short bangs. Overcome childhood fears associated with too short bangs by adding edgy sliced layers and a slightly A-line shape for an intentional and chic appearance.

14. Shaggy Brown Layers

Inject playfulness with the Shaggy Brown Layers, combining the charm of a bob with the modern edge of a shag. Ideal for naturally wavy hair, achieve a super modern and sassy cut with a touch of sexiness.

15. Messy Wavy Bob with Bangs

Balance a high forehead with the Messy Wavy Bob and its flirty and playful look. This choppy and uneven version offers a congruent style with the tousled bob, providing a refreshing and age-appropriate appearance.

16. Short Messy Brunette Bob with Bangs

Style short hair with the Short Messy Brunette Bob, utilizing texturizing paste for volume and movement. Achieve a simple, short cut with a carefree, lived-in look, demonstrating that very short hair can be styled with ease.

17. Short Disheveled Bob with Bangs

Add a creative touch to dark hair with the Short Disheveled Bob. Subtle waves and volume at the roots create casual vibes, while a wispy fringe adds charm to the overall appearance, offering a trendy and versatile style.

18. Choppy Rounded Blonde Bob

Opt for a rounded bob with face-framing layers in the Choppy Rounded Blonde Bob. Maintain a circular overall shape with slightly choppy layers, breaking up the appearance with straight-across front bangs for added interest.

19. White Bob with Bangs and Pastel Pink Ends

Explore statement colors with the White Bob featuring pastel pink dip-dyed ends. Classy yet allowing freedom for experimentation, this bob with bangs offers a versatile canvas for dynamic and ever-changing shades.

20. Jaw-Length Choppy Chocolate Brown Bob

Contour your jawline effortlessly with the Jaw-Length Choppy Chocolate Brown Bob. The super-sharp length meets softer, shorter layers and bangs, resulting in a fierce yet flirty look. Use the jawline guideline to know when it’s time for a trim.

21. Side-Parted Jagged Brown Bob

Achieve dramatic side-swept bangs with the Side-Parted Jagged Brown Bob, featuring messy long layers and a grungy touch with dry shampoo. Use a bobby pin to help train the bangs for a dramatic and in-your-face appearance.

22. Short Brunette Bob with Bangs

Add a touch of mystery with the Short Brunette Bob featuring wispy bangs. Elevate your classic short bob with a hairstyle that is easy to style and maintain, suitable for women of all ages.

23. Sliced Straight Concave Bob

Experience comfort and style with the Sliced Straight Concave Bob, a go-to for a comfortable and stylish look compatible with any hair color and wardrobe. A popular customizable option featuring a blunt cut with long choppy bangs.

24. Edgy Bob Haircut with Blunt Ends

Try the sassy Edgy Bob Haircut, incorporating caramel balayage and bangs that cover the eyes slightly for a charming yet edgy appearance. Embrace trendiness with this short and contemporary cut.

25. Cute Wavy Messy Bob Crop

Dreamy feathered waves and sun-kissed highlights define the Cute Wavy Messy Bob Crop. This layered bob with bangs exudes an ethereal vibe, and the chin-length chop ensures a playful yet sophisticated hairstyle. Maintain the bounce with lightweight hairspray for an all-day dreamy look.

26. Tidy Copper Bob with Wispy Bangs

Complete your adorable bob haircut with wispy bangs, especially if you choose a neat copper hue. For those with straight hair, employ a round brush to add volume and fullness to your locks. Elevate the style with a trendy shade like this fantastic copper hue for a delightful touch.

27. Full Bangs and Blonde Highlights

Make a striking statement with a classic bob paired with full bangs and blonde highlights. Opt for a short layered bob with bangs to give your mid-length locks a pretty and attention-grabbing appearance. This hairstyle is sure to turn heads and capture everyone’s attention!

28. Shaggy Layered Haircut

Elevate the standard A-line haircut with messy layers and blonde highlights sprinkled through the medium brown color. Perfect for a night out, this sassy style with layers is designed to turn heads and garner admirers, offering a playful and stylish look.

29. Textured Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

Ready for some styling experiments with your thick hair? Try the short bob with side-swept bangs for a standout look that draws admiration. Achieve a delicate and elegant appearance with this textured haircut that sets you apart.

30. Super Short Bangs with Pink Highlights

Navigate between a pixie and a chin-length cut with this bob hairstyle featuring super short bangs. Ideal for an oval face shape, these bangs add a cute gamine touch when executed correctly. Introduce playful vibes with pink highlights, showcasing your spunky personality.

31. Disheveled Inverted Short Bob with Bangs

Experiment with fine hair using the inverted bob, featuring long side bangs for added versatility. Whether pulled back for an official look or worn over the eyes for playful vibes, this disheveled bob offers a range of styling options.

32. Two-Tone Bob with Undercut

Blend two hair colors and cuts seamlessly in this creative and edgy style. The shorter undercut at the back combines with longer blonde layers on top, striking a perfect balance between tomboy and feminine. Ideal for those with a casual approach to fashion, this look exudes an edgy vibe.

33. Choppy Bob with Subtle Highlights

Pair your short cut with feathered bangs to stay on-trend with the fringe craze. Short bob hairstyles complement bangs seamlessly, allowing you to choose the fringe style that suits you best. Explore the perfect harmony of choppy layers and subtle highlights.

34. Platinum Bob with Long Side Bangs

Enhance your versatility with a short blonde bob, pairing it with long side-swept bangs for added dimension. Use suitable hair styling products to achieve voluminous locks, showcasing a super chic and adaptable haircut.

35. Messy Pastel Curls

Elevate a sweet angled bob with tousled curls and layers of delicious-looking pastel colors. Introduce a playful and dreamy vibe to your style with this combination of texture and pastel hues, perfect for making a statement.

36. Blunt Layered Bob with Front Bangs

Achieve a gorgeous hairstyle effortlessly with layered cuts, eliminating excess thickness while maintaining volume. Embrace a top trend this season by opting for a blunt short bob with front bangs, offering a chic and trendy appearance.

37. Flaming Bob with Long Bangs

Ignite your style with a flaming red bob, featuring subtle strawberry blonde highlights. The long bangs add a flirty and playful feel, creating a captivating look, especially when paired with blue or green eyes.

38. Short Blonde Bob with Bangs and Layers

Impress with a stunning short blonde bob, made even trendier with curtain bangs. Elevate your look with this sunny blonde cut and catch everyone’s attention with the added flair of bangs.

39. Curly Bob for Redheads

Celebrate the winning combination of red hair and green eyes with a mid-length curly bob. Keep it relaxed and casual with wild, shattered waves, creating a trendy bedhead touch. Add accessories like a trendy septum ring for an extra touch of style.

40. Neck-Length Bob with Straight Bangs

Upgrade your short hair with a messy straight bob featuring textured ends. This adorable fair hairstyle suits all hair types, and the straight bangs contribute to a youthful appearance.

41. Short Bob with Angled Bangs

Kathleen Rose Perkins showcases a soft yet edgy style with one of the most stunning bob haircuts featuring side bangs. The deep side parting and the bangs sweeping across the forehead create a soft and romantic feel.

42. Tousled Hairstyle with Sweeping Fringe

Break the misconception of straight hairstyles for short hair with Evangeline Lilly’s gorgeous tousled look. Layers and relaxed waves bring a more casual and slightly messy vibe to this interesting and stylish bob hairstyle.

43. Short Bob with Side Bangs

Constance Zimmer achieves a stunning style with finely chopped bangs falling to one side, making sweeping bangs an essential part of this short bob hairstyle. The bob is styled with imperfect flicks, adding a funkier feel to the overall look.

44. Choppy Black Bob with Bangs

Ideal for thick hair, this layered short bob haircut brings volume and distracts from the roundness of the face with choppy layers. The result is a stylish and alluring look, perfect for those with thick hair.

45. Medium Bob for Wavy Hair

Mia Wasikowska inspires with a relaxed and casual short wavy bob, adding movement and a trendy bedhead touch. This option suits most face shapes and is an excellent choice for those seeking a laid-back yet stylish appearance.

46. Chocolate Brown Pixie Bob

Spice up your basic short bob haircut with long curtain bangs framing your face beautifully. This example showcases a perfect blend of bangs, a pixie bob, and a touch of sophistication.

47. Layered Bangs for Natural Hair

Add height and movement around the face with layered bangs, breaking the typical placement of layers throughout the length of the hair. This cut offers a sexy and date night-worthy appearance.

48. Short Layered Bob Haircut with Side Fringe

Frame your face with a short inverted bob featuring a fringe that seamlessly blends with the cut. Enhance the charm with catchy makeup, creating a stylish and appealing look for various occasions.

49. Choppy Short Bob with Framing Bangs and Layers

Perfect for wavy hair, this layered bob haircut with bangs exudes allure with a messy and textured appearance. Wispy bangs add a touch of girlishness to this style, making it a favorite among friends.

What Is the Difference Between a Short Bob with Bangs and a Blunt Bob with Bangs?

A short bob with bangs typically has more layering and texture, while a blunt bob with bangs is more sleek and uniform. The blunt bob and bangs often create a more edgy and geometric look, while the short bob with bangs offers a softer and more tousled appearance.

50. Short Sleek Bob with Layered Bangs

Fall in love with the voluminous look of this bob with side bangs style. Achieve beautiful volume, especially when paired with highlights, creating a stunning and recommended look for your next salon visit.

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