messy bob hairstyles

1. Shaggy Medium Length Bob

This shaggy medium-length bob features disconnected ends, exuding a carefree and effortlessly chic vibe. It gives the impression of hair you woke up with, maintaining its natural allure. Elevate your style with an intriguing hair color choice, such as subtle ombre highlights for that added touch of sophistication.

Edgy messy bob

2. Choppy Balayage Bob with Bangs

The choppy layers of this medium-length bob seamlessly blend with long side bangs, creating a harmonious and trendy look. Introducing metallic copper balayage highlights randomly throughout the style adds a touch of brilliance, uniting the tousled strands into a cohesive whole.

messy brunette bob with copper balayage

3. Peachy Hair with Side Bangs

Achieve a trendy bedhead hairstyle that’s imperfect yet charming, maintaining the graceful bob shape. Boost volume with a touch of backcombing to attain that effortlessly chic look. Elevate your style further by choosing a sophisticated hair hue that complements your overall aesthetic.

long messy rounded bob with bangs

4. Sliced Caramel Bob with Blonde Babylights

In the realm of blondes and brunettes, a caramel bob stands out for its uniqueness. This shade pairs perfectly with the trendy bob cut. Strategically placed subtle highlights, known as babylights, create the illusion of texture without requiring daily styling.

Angled Choppy Bob Cut

5. Flipped and Shaggy Cut

This sassy layered bob offers both volume and movement. Razor-cut bottom layers maintain wispy ends, while a round brush helps achieve charming light flips at the ends. If you have thick hair that’s challenging to manage, this cut expertly removes bulk while preserving layers.

layered bob for thick hair

6. Disheveled Sliced Blonde Lob

Sun-bleached waves adorn this messy long bob, exuding a sporty and natural appearance. At a comfortable medium length, the waves gently graze the shoulders, and the wispy layers contribute to the hairstyle’s texture. Sliced ends maintain a carefree and healthy appearance.

Messy Long Blonde Bob With Sliced Ends

7. Messy Bob with Textured Waves and Babylights

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a messy bob with bangs looks childish. Jaw-length combover bangs and a deep side part gracefully frame the face, adding a touch of romance to the disheveled bob cut. Blonde babylights make each curl glisten and shine.

Messy Bob Cut With A Jaw Length Fringe

8. Sliced Bob With Textured Ends

The playful and effortless straggly waves with disconnected ends in this choppy bob create a carefree look. Tousle the top and finger-comb the curly tresses to restore volume and movement to your hair. The bright blonde balayage imparts a healthy and shiny appearance.

Textured Choppy Bob With Blonde Balayage

9. Brunette Bob with Feathered Layers

Feathered layers in this longer bob maintain a natural and casual hairstyle. Ideal for busy moms, it requires less precise and demanding styling compared to a blunt bob. This cut with wispy ends is also well-suited for women with fine or thinning hair, with wavy texture adding volume.

Casual Feathered Brunette Bob

10. Razored Brunette Balayage Bob

Thinning out the ends of your bob with a razor results in a sharp and stylish cut that complements messy hairstyles. Delicate balayage highlights add color variety and points of interest. Dark brown and chocolate create a winning color combination.

brunette choppy bob with chocolate balayage

11. Chocolate Brown Razored Shag

Curly, shaggy locks become even better when styled into a messy bob haircut with bangs. Uneven face-framing waves emit a tomboyish vibe, grounding your look. The messy bob haircut is effortlessly styled, and the neutral brown color flatters most women.

12. Messy Chin Length Bob with Bangs

Ready to embrace the chic undone vibe? For fine hair, elevate your classic bob by tousling curled hair with your fingertips for a messy, yet captivating appearance. Consider adding intrigue with an interesting hair color and curtain bangs, seamlessly blending effortlessness with an edgy touch.

13. Platinum Blonde Frizzy Bob

While many bobs are styled with messy waves or beachy curls, this bob celebrates its frizz, embracing the messy-sexy vibe. Effortless, thanks to its shorter length, the bob allows you to embrace a little frizz as part of the overall appeal.

14. Chopped Tousled Honey Blonde Lob

To style a messy bob that feels fun and not overly polished, opt for a slightly disheveled, carefree texture. Keep the ends straight and use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to create loose curls. Then, run your fingers through the hair to separate the curls and achieve effortless waves.

15. Brunette Bob with Face-Framing Balayage

A long bob with choppy ends is a versatile medium-length haircut option for thick hair. Styling such a cut with messy, barely-there waves using a straightener enhances the cut’s silhouette and natural texture of thick hair.

These are the first 15 of the 60 messy bob hairstyles. If you would like me to continue with the rest or make any further modifications, please let me know.

16. Messy Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Hairstylist Ana Maria has transformed this blonde bob with delicate babylights, adding dimension and depth to the choppy layers. The result is playful and effortlessly chic, making it a superb choice for those who want a carefree yet stylish look.

17. Messy Inverted Bob in Vanilla Blonde

Stylist Romeu Felipe has given this inverted bob a fabulous twist with a messy touch. The wispy layers can be tousled effortlessly for that perfect messy bob vibe. This style works well for thin hair, proving that you can rock it like a pro!

18. Choppy Angled Dark Brown Bob

A razored bob is an edgier take on the classic cut. With choppy layers, you can achieve a textured look with volume and movement. This cut is shorter in the back and gradually lengthens layers toward the front, offering a unique and stylish appearance.

19. Choppy Bob with Chunky Texture

Short hair expert Carolynn from Utah has given this bob chunky layers, adding texture and volume. The chunky texture gives the illusion of thicker, denser hair while maintaining movement and body.

20. Short Side-Parted Blonde Shag

A side part can enhance a messy bob haircut, giving it an extra flair. Apply a texturizing pomade to create piecey, shattered waves and embrace the side part for a faux side bang.

21. Shaggy Messy Lob with Razored Layers

A shaggy lob with a middle part suits various face shapes and is a low-maintenance hairstyle. It can slim and elongate a full face, soften jaw angles for a square face, and add volume to the sides for a long face. The light blonde front pieces highlight facial features and complement your complexion.

22. Cute Chopped Caramel Blonde Bob

The so-called traditional messy bob features a straight cut in the front and shorter angled layers in the back. It’s easy to wear and works for all hair types, making it the ultimate wake-up-and-go hairstyle.

23. Bronde Balayage Bob with Shaggy Waves

Thick hair can benefit from balayage highlights to add brightness and dimension. Dark brunette locks paired with warm balayage highlights create a stunning transformation. Style with beachy waves using a 1-inch curling iron for a tousled finish.

24. Messy Bob with Elongated Front Pieces

Play with lengths, colors, and finishes to create your dream bob. Smooth, baby-soft locks with a messy finish create an alluring and feminine look.

25. High Contrast Textured Messy Bob

This short messy bob features black roots and blonde textured lengths, adding a unique grunge touch. The graduated colors and choppy ends give the hairstyle an urban edge, allowing you to express your individuality.

26. Medium Disheveled Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Messy bob hairstyles are perfect for naturally wavy hair, as the styling is practically built in. Have your hairdresser cut layers to enhance your natural wave or curl pattern. Short layers combined with side-swept bangs provide extra bounce with minimal effort.

27. Dimensional Wavy Textured Bob

Messy bob hairstyles don’t have to look sloppy. Create a gentle flared silhouette with chin-length layers and style loose, feminine waves. This youthful hairstyle is easy to manage and perfect for adding decorative barrettes or bobby pins.

28. Choppy Slanted Blonde Bob Hairstyle

A messy bob can have a fun, slanted shape with shorter layers at the nape of the neck and longer layers framing the face. Paired with choppy layers, it achieves a rocker-chic look. Platinum blonde color with dark roots adds an extra layer of cool.

29. Inverted Bob with Long Wispy Layers

When it comes to edgy bob haircuts, uneven layered cuts work best. Short layers at the back add volume to the crown, while longer lengths at the front create a flattering look. Keep the front pieces slightly shorter for a cute face-framing finish.

30. Messy Bob with Blonde Balayage

Add a touch of balayage magic to your chic messy bob haircut. Embrace your slightly wavy hair, letting loose waves take center stage with a perfect tuck. Effortless glam is within reach!

31. Brunette Bob with V-cut Layers and Babylights

V-cut layers set this disconnected bob apart from traditional shapes. Keep the face-framing and back pieces equally short, with the longest length in the middle, forming a V shape. Emphasize babylights with waves while leaving the ends straight to maintain the cut’s shape.

32. Choppy Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

A straight-across, super-short messy bob complements thick hair beautifully, providing shape without appearing flat. A dirty blonde shade with dark roots and platinum tips adds to the style’s shaggy-chic vibes.

33. Shoulder Length Waves

A long messy bob looks charming when worn free-flowing but allows for creative updos as well. Balayage is a popular choice for modern looks, adding dimension to any basic style.

34. Sun-Kissed Wavy Lob

Messy texture pairs effortlessly with light waves, creating a natural and relaxed appearance. Sun-kissed balayage adds an optimal hair color choice for such a texture, softening the waves that graze your collarbone and frame your face.

35. Disconnected Blonde Bob with Platinum Highlights

This bob cut combines wavy texture and buttery blonde color with bright highlights for a clean yet modern and stylish look.

These are the next 15 of the 60 messy bob hairstyles. If you’d like to continue or make further adjustments, please let me know.

36. Cropped Layered Cut

Short hair doesn’t have to be strictly super short or super long. This bob pairs a straight-across cut with bangs and wispy V-layers, incorporating a platinum blonde hue with darker roots for a unique and customized appearance.

37. Edgy Hairstyle with Purple and Grey

Explore the world of metallic tones by incorporating shades of dark brown, purple, and grey into your short messy haircut. This edgy and unique color combination adds a modern twist to your style.

38. Medium Hairstyle with Loose Waves

This brown blonde bob is ultra-modern and incredibly chic, thanks to its texture and color. Start with a medium shaggy cut and choose a hair color that suits your preference. Style some loose random waves to complete the look, combining ombre and balayage for added depth.

39. Textured Bob with Bangs

Layers and the right length of your bob haircut ensure beautiful texture even without daily styling. This versatile haircut works great for both fine and thick hair types, and the addition of bangs complements the overall look.

40. Short Cut with Two-Tier Layers

This short messy hair is all about layers and color nuances. Create gentle, sweeping highlights across your crown and through the tips, along with wispy layers for added volume. Finish with a texturizing mist and light-hold hairspray for an unkempt yet sexy appearance.

41. Messy Layered Bob

When considering a quality messy bob haircut, don’t forget to incorporate choppy layers, which can be either rough and chunky or delicate and finely chopped. Your choice should align with your facial features and hair type.

42. Blunt Chin-Length Cut

This trendy bob is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement. It works best for fine to medium-textured hair and creates the illusion of thicker hair due to its one-length cut. Use a styling putty or hair wax to achieve the disheveled, messy texture.

43. Messy Lob with Lightened Ends

A long messy bob offers versatility, allowing you to wear different hairstyles, including updos. However, it still maintains its charm when worn free-flowing. A hair color that transitions from darker roots to lighter ends adds to the overall appeal.

44. Dark Chocolate Waves

A blunt bob doesn’t have to be overly prim and proper. Barely-there waves, like the ones in this messy bob, create a relaxed and casual vibe. You can easily achieve this look by using a flat iron to add a slight bend to your strands.

45. Shag with Highlighted Layers

This messy bob features layers and shaggy waves, offering a perfect combination. To enhance the textured look, consider adding caramel, dark blonde, or light brown balayage to your dark brown hair.

46. Ash Brown Wispy Bob

While messy waves can appear rough, a wispy bob with tousled waves maintains a traditionally feminine and tender look. Elevate the style by choosing a trendy hair color, such as silver blonde or light ash brown.

47. Multi-Tonal Wavy Hair

Achieve the dreamy look of wavy brown blonde bob hairstyles. This harmonious style with bouncy waves and smooth transitions between hair hues is visually appealing and complements your natural beauty.

48. Highlighted Lob for Thin Hair

This long shag haircut is suitable for fine and medium-textured hair. Style it with a texturizer and avoid excessive combing to preserve the natural pattern of each lock. Embrace subtle balayage to enhance visual volume.

49. Modern Teased Hairstyle

Unlike the heavily backcombed teased bobs of the past, the modern teased bob embraces a purposely messy and imperfect texture. This style looks best when paired with a well-shaped haircut, such as a cute rounded bob.

50. Shaggy Bob with Razored Layers

To ensure a medium-length bob doesn’t appear too conservative, opt for a shaggy and effortless style when styling. Apply a salt spray to create piecey layers and achieve a roughened look without styling curls. Classic straight-across bangs can provide an interesting contrast to the overall texture.

51. Disheveled Angled Blonde Bob

Bobs are often associated with a carefree and messy look, but elegant curls can offer a more polished approach. The angled cut, combined with traditional waves, creates a fun and stylish appearance suitable for various occasions.

52. Choppy Chin-Length Bob

A short messy bob is easy to style and maintain with the right hair care and styling products. It may appear rough in texture with disconnected, uneven ends pointing in different directions, but its silhouette remains readable and highly appealing.

53. Shaggy Mid-Length Cut

Shaggy ends and soft flowing waves make an excellent combination. Style some loose, random waves with a curling iron or straightener while keeping the ends straight for a fringy lower edge. Honey-colored balayage highlights add to the final charming look.

54. Short Shaggy White Blonde Bob

The layered bright blonde waves remind us of Christina Aguilera’s iconic bob. These face-framing waves aren’t overly curly but provide enough texture and body to create a thick and voluminous bob that appears healthy and vibrant.

55. A-Line with Highlights

Angled bob haircuts offer a blend of polished and edgy elements that flatter nearly all face shapes and hair textures. To achieve this style, use a volumizing mousse before drying and style individual sections of hair with a straightening iron. Finish with a light-hold hairspray for a complete look.

56. Purple Bob for Brunettes

If you’re considering bright, pastel wavy bob hairstyles but prefer a more subtle color change, dark violet tresses are a great choice. This bold color is gentler under natural lighting than lavender hues and allows you to stand out in a slightly understated way.

57. Beachy Grey Medium Cut

When selecting a color for messy bob hairstyles, gray may not be your first thought. However, this color is making a significant entrance, thanks to beauty bloggers and fashion-forward individuals. Combining blonde and brown shades can provide a more natural appearance.

58. Tousled Bob with Platinum Highlights

This cut and color offer the ultimate beachy hair goals. To achieve the sexy beachy girl appearance, insert gentle highlights throughout, focusing more on the front. Consider alternating between larger and smaller waves for a natural, slightly undone finish.

59. Classic Bob with Gentle Waves

Not all short hair comes with wild hues and textures. Casual short haircuts, like the one pictured here, offer an effortless, classic appearance that requires minimal maintenance. To add gentle waves, straighten small sections of your hair piece by piece, resulting in an elegant, yet understated look.

60. Chocolate Brown Messy Wavy Lob

If you’re new to short hair, a long bob, or lob, is a safe and versatile option. Hair at shoulder length can be styled similarly to longer hair, allowing you to keep it simple with waves or experiment with braids, buns, and ponytails for a change.

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