Trendy Curly Shag Haircuts : 30 Stunning Hairstyles for 2024

1. Medium Shaggy Cut with Soft Waves

This unruly shag haircut frames the face perfectly, injecting a sense of edginess into your look. Suited for those with a rebellious streak, this style features curls and highlights that evoke a glamorous rock vibe, making a bold fashion statement.

Medium Shag Haircut for Curly Hair with Highlights

2. Effortless Wavy Shag Hairstyle

Tailored for a timeless appeal, this haircut with its gentle, layered shag is the epitome of elegance. It’s adaptable to both straight and curly hair, enhancing texture in the former and managing volume in the latter, offering a polished yet easygoing vibe.

Long Shag on Loose Curls P

3. Shoulder-Length Shag for Natural Hair

Addressing the typical challenge of a flat crown in natural curls, this haircut infuses volume and texture throughout. Incorporating layers and bangs transforms your look, introducing depth and vitality to your natural curls.

Brunette Rounded Curly Bob with Bangs

4. Long Pretty Shag for Permed Hair

Invite a lively flair into your style with this shaggy haircut, perfect for those looking to enhance or introduce curls. The combination of relaxed curls and striking highlights complements the shag style, making it an ideal choice for adding dynamism to your hair.

Curly Shag on Butter Blonde Messy Curls

5. Curly Shag with Bangs

Master the ultimate curly look with a blend of choppy layers, pronounced highlights, and lengthy bangs that elegantly frame the face. Utilize a narrow round brush and blow dryer to style your bangs for a refined look.

Long Highlighted Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs

6. Classic Shag Haircut for Natural Curls

Make a statement with a curly shag haircut featuring strategically cut layers. This style highlights the natural texture of your hair and adds definition to your curls, ensuring you grab attention in any setting.

Collarbone Length Shag for Curly Hair

7. Curly Shag Bob

The curly shag bob is the pinnacle of laid-back chic, requiring minimal effort for a standout appearance. Simply apply sea salt spray or mousse to damp hair, scrunch it, and dry on a medium setting to achieve this effortlessly stylish look.

Shaggy Bob Cut

8. Shag Haircut for Wavy Hair

Maximize your hair’s wavy texture with a layered shag cut that reaches just below the shoulders. This style encourages natural texture, allowing you to lessen heat styling in favor of air drying or diffusing for a beautifully natural wave.

Layered Curly Lob

9. Long Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs

A shaggy hairstyle with bangs offers an attractive solution for those with curly hair, especially beneficial for balancing high foreheads and softening overall facial features for a more flattering look.

Low Maintenance Shaggy Cut for Wavy Hair

10. Short Razor Shag for Curly Hair

Revitalize the classic bob with a shaggy twist that suits any age. Concentrating layers and bangs around the face enhances its shape and highlights the eyes, offering a fresh and captivating look.

Modern Shoulder Length Shad with Much Crown Volume

11. Shaggy Bangs for Curly Hair

For an effortlessly stylish, easy-to-maintain haircut for curly hair, look no further than this shag cut. It’s both fashionable and simple to care for, perfect for a chic, fuss-free hairstyle.

Shaggy Wavy Hair with Long Framing Bangs

12. Creative Shullet for Naturally Curly Hair

Shag hairstyles adapt well to any hair length and texture, making a shoulder-length shag with layers an excellent choice for curly hair. Adding highlights or bleached bangs can provide a modern, bold twist to your look.

Short Mullet Shag with Underlayer Color

13. Modern Shag Haircut for Fine Hair

The midi shag with bangs is a chic, adaptable hairstyle that can be styled for various occasions. The curly layers add movement and texture, while its length is ideal for professional environments, offering a perfect mix of sophistication and edge.

Wavy Perm Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

14. Loose Curls Shaggy Haircut

For a distinctive, romantic style, choose a long, curly shag with thick curtain bangs. Though they require some upkeep, the result is a captivatingly beautiful look that’s well worth the effort.

Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair

15. Mullet Shag with 70s Curly Bangs

This season, mix tousled copper curls with casual 70s-style bangs for a trendy look. A shaggy mullet with bangs provides a fashionable, sophisticated way to style naturally curly hair, adding shape and flair to your appearance.

Curly Shaggy Hair Style for a Round Face

16. Long Shag Haircut with Layered Curls

This hairstyle is an excellent choice for individuals with finer hair, leveraging layered cuts to enhance overall body and volume. The inclusion of a choppy fringe contributes to a fuller appearance at the front, and the cut’s natural disorder simplifies the styling process for curly hair, making it less labor-intensive.

Long Mullet Shag with ShortBangs

17. Wavy Shag Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are indispensable to the shag haircut’s identity, posing the question of its authenticity without them. Styling options vary from using a straightener for defined curls to letting the hair air dry for a more effortless look, showcasing the style’s adaptability.

Shag Haircut for Wavy Hair

18. Copper Curly Hair with Textured Layers

Choosing a copper tone for your hair can reflect a dynamic and fun personality, especially when paired with a medium-length, shaggy haircut to bring out the natural texture and waves. A bold fringe and layers around the face can further enhance volume and add a contemporary edge.

Messy Copper Shag with Long Bangs

19. Shag Haircut for Curly Hair

A common challenge for curly hair is managing excessive volume at the ends and achieving lift at the roots. Strategic shorter layers around the crown can offer the desired volumizing effect while preserving the hair’s length, effectively balancing the hairstyle.

Natural Hair Shag Cut

20. Textured Shag Haircut for Thick Hair

A textured shag haircut can effectively redistribute the weight of thick, curly hair from the ends toward the crown. It’s important to seek out a hairdresser skilled in cutting curly hair, with a preference for those experienced in Rezo Cut or Deva Cut techniques, for optimal results.

Curly Bangs Hairstyle

21. Wavy Shag with Chunky Highlights

Adding chunky highlights to wavy hair enhances its texture and creates an illusion of greater volume and depth. Styling with a diffuser and a small amount of serum can help achieve this voluminous and textured look.

s Inspired Curly Shaggy Hair

22. Long Curly Shag with Blunt Cut Fringe

For those looking to boost the volume of their curly hair without sacrificing length, this textured shag haircut with blunt, round bangs offers a stylish solution. The bangs introduce a contrasting element, adding a personal touch to the hairstyle.

Curly Shaggy Hair with Baby Bangs

23. Short Coily Mullet Cut

Curly hair is an ideal base for both shag and mullet hairstyles. For individuals with straight hair who wish to adopt this style, a modern perm could be the answer. Combined with a vibrant teal shade, this hairstyle stands out as uniquely eye-catching.

Modern Perm Shag Cut

24. Vibrant Red Shag for Kinky Hair Type

Switching to a bold red color can significantly enhance the visual impact of a long shag, making it more striking and attention-grabbing. It’s crucial to choose a shade of red that complements your skin tone to ensure the color adds to your overall aesthetic appeal.

Lont Red Mullet Shag on Natural Hair

25. Natural Afro Shag Cut

The shag cut, characterized by its choppy layers, is ideally suited for natural afro hair. As voluminous afro styles gain popularity, the curly shag emerges as a stylish way to highlight the unique texture and volume of these hair types.

Bright Copper Afro Shag

26. Vintage Wavy Shag for Medium Length Hair

Defined by its gentle shape, integrated layers, and distinct asymmetric highlights, this hairstyle requires a smoothing serum, a large barrel brush, and a hairdryer for styling. The effort required is rewarded with a sophisticated and polished finish.

Flicked Layers and Block Highlights

27. Afro Mullet Haircut

This haircut’s short, choppy layers add significant volume, making it an excellent choice for afro-textured hair or any type of tight curls. The resulting style is voluminous and dynamic, offering a fresh take on traditional looks.

Bob vs Shag on Curly Hair

28. Multi-Tone Shaggy Bob

Layered cuts offer a solution for thicker hair, reducing bulk while accentuating the natural texture. Incorporating bright highlights in shades of blonde or red can elevate the hairstyle, making it exceptionally vibrant and eye-catching.

Roller Set Waves on Natural Hair with Bangs

29. Gorgeous Curly Shaggy Hairstyle

Medium-length, shaggy curls are particularly charming, with spiral curls cut in layers and complemented by choppy bangs. This approach brings a new level of allure to the hair’s natural beauty.

Shag with Bangs for Medium Length Spiral Curls

30. Long Choppy Mullet Shag

Embrace the shaggy mullet trend with this distinctive hairstyle, featuring a pronounced fringe and extended curls at the back. While it demands confidence to wear, a more toned-down version can be crafted for those seeking a subtler approach.

Female Mullet with Thick Baby Bangs

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