50 Unique Medium Shag Haircuts for a Personalized Look

1. Medium Curly Shag

This mid-length hairstyle is elevated by curls that introduce an element of surprise and create significant volume!

Curly Brunette Shag for Medium Hair

2. Copper Medium Shag with Feathered Ends

This vibrant red cut, while featuring extensive layering around the face and at the ends, manages to maintain a gentle appearance on fine hair, enhancing its volume and movement.

Feathered Medium Shag for Fine Hair

3. Super Short Layered Shag

Embrace a bold aesthetic with this short and stylish haircut!

Medium Shag with Shorter Layers

4. Chic Shaggy Cut with Front Bangs

Indeed, a shaggy hairstyle can embody chicness. The addition of front bangs immediately provides facial framing, and the medium shag cut offers a modern and stylish appearance.

Med Shag with Front Bangs

5. Chunky Layers for Thick Hair

Notice the way layers can bring out the best in your medium to thick hair!

Medium Thick Cut with Chunky Layers

6. Medium Curly Shag

Elevate your curly hairstyle with this tousled, bold look!

Messy Edgy Curly Shag for Medium Hair

7. Light Brown Soft Haircut

Long layers paired with this wavy texture render your hair incredibly smooth and soft, making it suitable for both thin and thick hair types.

Medium Wavy Light Brown Haircut

8. Beige Blonde Shoulder-Length Shag with Lush Curtain Bangs

This tousled shag haircut features numerous short layers, ideal for creating volume in thin hair and enhancing the shape at the front with long, lush bangs.

Tousled Shoulder Length Shaggy Cut

9. Undone Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Pieces

Discover how medium shag haircuts can enhance the fullness at the lower half of your hair by combining sliced ends in face-framing layers with almost blunt tips throughout the perimeter.

Messy Face Framing Shag

10. Simple Waves

Achieving this elegant style is a quick task, requiring around 10 minutes. A light curling adds texture and volume, while a gentle tousle brings it all together.

Classy Shag with Waves

11. Blonde Mid Shag with Shadow Roots

This hairstyle is enlivened by shorter layers that emit a playful and versatile vibe.

12. Rebellious Medium Shag with a Side Part

An edgy cut featuring long layers that add texture and volume to thin hair, with a side parting that introduces additional height to this rock-inspired style.

13. Chocolate Brown Shoulder Length Shag

A softer iteration of the shag cut, it includes ample choppiness at the ends and minimal layering near the crown to boost root lift without compromising overall volume.

14. Classy Soft Shag

This medium-length shag cut, with its shorter layers, delicately brushes against your cheekbones and jawline, enhancing your features in a flattering manner.

15. Strawberry Blonde Medium Layered Shag

The combination of cut and color is striking. A layered hairstyle that highlights your hair’s natural texture, suitable for all hair types.

16. Medium Shag with Bangs

Frame your face with finely razored bangs in this effortless medium-length style that can be worn straight or wavy.

17. Fun Wispy Wolf Cut with Bangs

This voluminous shag features short, wispy layers, highlighted by flipped ends, channeling some of Farrah Fawcett’s iconic vibes.

18. Shaggy Choppy Long Bob

This textured lob defies the common misconception that layers mean forgoing blunt ends, instead creating fullness at the bottom with evenly cut ends.

19. Highlighted Shoulder-Length Shag for Thick Straight Hair

This smoothed shag version, evolved from a regular lob, offers a distinct shape, reduced bulk, and enhanced texture.

20. Cute Finely Curled Shag

Medium shag haircuts are particularly beneficial for fine hair, removing excess weight and unleashing natural waves for a more voluminous and dynamic appearance.

21. Ashy Blonde Shag with Bangs

Revitalize your limp, bleached hair with this style that uses bangs to add fullness at the front, shadow roots for depth at the crown, and textured layers for an overall lifted effect.

22. Platinum Medium Shag with Fringe

Featuring longer layers with a fringe parted in the middle, this style shifts focus to your cheekbones and jawline, not to mention the color’s stunning effect in photos and in person.

23. Rocker Med Shag

Whether styled straight for chicness or wavy/curly for a rocker vibe, this mid-length haircut allows versatility in styling.

24. Medium Shag for Thin Hair

Introduce texture and thickness to your hair with shorter layers in this medium-length style!

25. Straight Shag

Enjoy the casual elegance of shorter, feathered layers in this shaggy cut – imperfection is part of its charm!

26. Modern Shag with Layered Side Bangs

For those looking to infuse a vintage flair into their bob cuts, consider a shoulder-length shag haircut that boasts extensive texture along the sides and base.

27. Chic Mid-Length Shag

Enhance the allure of a black shag with the addition of brown highlights, which accentuate its texture and dynamic movement.

28. Choppy Ginger Blonde Cut with Dense Curtain Bangs

Dense curtain bangs complement medium-length shag styles by offering a textured appearance and augmenting frontal volume.

29. Medium Length Shag with a Full Graduated Fringe

A fashionable mid-length cut adorned with copper highlights features a richly textured fringe. This fringe can easily be styled into trendy curtain bangs with a middle part for an effortlessly cool appearance.

30. Light Medium Layered Shag

Strategically layered to reduce thickness while maintaining a light cut around the face, this style ensures the face is highlighted without being overwhelmed.

31. Mid-Length Loose Waves

Revitalize your long locks with this playful hairstyle that flatters all facial structures.

32. Wavy Shag with Curtain Bangs

This medium-length haircut demonstrates that shag styles don’t necessarily require tight curls or pronounced layers. A blend of voluminous waves and sleek curtain bangs creates a captivating look.

33. Mid Length Shag with Parisian Feel

Embrace sophistication with this style that combines curled layers into effortless waves, enhanced by choppy strands that elegantly frame the face.

34. Effortless Mid Shag

Loose waves merged with layers inject texture and subtly project confidence and authority.

35. Shaggy Dirty Blonde Hairstyle with Money Piece

Accentuating the face with a striking white streak amidst graduated layers is a clever technique to draw attention towards the facial area, complementing the splendid blonde shade.

36. Chocolate Mid-Length Shag with Sliced Layers

This deep brown hairstyle defies the common pitfalls of bulky, straight hair through meticulous shaping, thinning, and razor-cutting to add movement.

37. Medium Shag with Wispy Layers

Opt for this softer shag variation, characterized by fluid layers achieved with minimal use of texturizing shears for a subtly disconnected look.

38. Feathered Dirty Blonde Shag

Achieve voluminous results with this shoulder-length style featuring shorter, all-over layers instead of traditional long ones.

39. Wavy Balayaged Shag

Embrace your shorter layers by curling them lightly to form loose waves, creating an effortlessly stylish look.

40. Collarbone Shag

A shaggy cut of uniform length that draws immediate attention to the collarbone area.

41. Platinum Blonde Shag

Experiment with various blonde hues and showcase them through a layered, shaggy haircut.

42. Textured Shag with Shadow Roots

Revitalize your hair with a shaggy cut that emphasizes texture and vibrancy.

43. Creamy Bronde Medium Shag

This style is enviable for its rich texture and voluminous appearance.

44. Dark Violet Shag

Subtle violet shades intertwine with this brunette shag, offering a unique and captivating look.

45. Sleek Wolf Cut with See-Through Bangs

Demonstrating the shag’s transformative ability, this style revitalizes fine, straight hair with strategically placed layers.

46. Boho Shag with Bangs

Refresh your look with a cut that channels a bohemian essence, softened by front bangs.

47. Curly Brown Blonde Shag

For added volume and texture, curl sections in varying directions, understanding that perfection in each curl is not the goal.

48. Mid-Length Shag with Balayage

A combination of fringe, shorter top layers, and longer bottom layers in your shag cut will amplify your volume.

49. Retro Shoulder-Length Shag

This style evokes the iconic essence of Stevie Nicks, with its retro charm.

50. Feathered Shag with Flipped Ends

Opt for longer layers with ends that flip outwards for a playful, feathered look.

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