20 Curly Hair Highlight Ideas | Highlighting Techniques for Curly Hair Color

1. Medium Length Curls with Caramel Highlights

The application of caramel balayage on darker hair shades produces a stunning gradient that looks effortlessly natural, mimicking the effect of being sun-kissed to perfection, and rendering the hairstyle authentically beautiful.

Voluminous Curly Hairstyles with Caramel Highlights

2. Deep Chocolate Curls with High Contrast Highlights

For those with rich chocolate curls, introducing high contrast highlights can significantly enhance texture and depth, creating a visually striking contrast that’s perfect for making a bold curl statement.

Finger Coils with Random Blonde Highlights

3. Long Dark Brown Curls with Strawberry Blonde Accents

Opt for a refined style by mixing highlights and lowlights within your long, luxurious brown hair. Incorporating darker tones alongside strawberry blonde highlights yields a complex, multidimensional look.

Long Wavy Hair Balayage

4. Curly Pixie with Light Blonde Highlights

Contrary to popular belief, pixie cuts are not exclusive to straight hair. This charming variation combines tight curls with soft waves, highlighted by a mix of honey tones and light blonde ends, offering a vibrant and modern take on short hair color.

Blonde Highlights on Short Natural Hair

5. Tight Chocolate Curls with Caramel Touches

Enhance your deep chocolate curls with the addition of caramel and cinnamon highlights, starting from mid-length to the ends. These warm nuances create an effortlessly blended appearance that’s captivating.

Medium Length Curly Hair with Warm Brown Highlights

6. Painted Golden Highlights on Brunette Curls

Golden highlights can revolutionize your look, brightening your natural hair color while eliminating any dullness. They create an illusion of perpetual sunlight bathing your locks.

Caramel to Blonde Balayage on Long Curly Hair

7. Dark Red Highlighted Finger Coils

The natural red pigments in black or dark brown hair make red highlights an excellent complement. When applied to tight curls, the color becomes even more pronounced, creating a stunning halo effect around the hair.

Dark to Bright Red Ombre on Natural Hair

8. Curls with Honey Blonde Balayage

A honey blonde balayage adds a sexy, sweet, and stylish flair to your curls. Its rich, warm tones enhance the natural bounce of your curls, bringing definition and a lighter feel to your hair.

Butter Blonde Coily Hair

9. Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair

The natural transition from dark brown roots to blonde ombre is not only low maintenance but also beautifully showcases the blonde highlights against the backdrop of long, loose curls, enhancing facial features with a radiant glow.

Blonde Balayage with Shadow Roots on Curly Hair

10. Copper Curls Balayage

Embrace the boldness with dazzling copper highlights on your wavy hair, transforming your long waves into a mesmerizing color display that adds movement and a playful, flirty edge.

Copper Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

11. Ash Blonde Short Curls

For a more subdued highlight option, introduce ash blonde highlights into naturally dark blonde curls. These subtle highlights catch the sunlight beautifully and can neutralize redness in the skin, ideal for those experimenting with highlights for the first time.

Ash Blonde Curly Bob

12. Red Highlights for Type 3C Hair

Bright red highlights can elevate the appearance of natural black hair, making it vibrant and eye-catching. This shade is particularly flattering on warm and darker skin tones, enhancing the depth of darker hair colors.

Red Ombre on Big Natural Hair

13. Golden Blonde Balayage on Long Curls

Long curls take on a playful and vibrant life of their own with buttery, golden blonde balayage. The natural bounce of the curls allows the color to move and shimmer, with darker roots adding depth and contrast.

Curly Hair Ombre with Hand Painted Golden Blonde Coils

14. Natural Curls with Caramel Highlights

Introducing caramel highlights into brunette curls gives your hair a sun-kissed look that appears natural and adds both depth and warmth to your mane, making it stand out beautifully.

Curly Hair Ombre with Hand Painted Golden Blonde Coils

15. Short Loose Curls with Subtle Ashy Highlights

When seeking a subtle change, consider ash brown highlights for your hairstyle. These highlights reflect light well and add dimension to short, loose curls, offering a refreshing update.

Curly Bob with Ash Brown Highlights

16. Hot Pink Highlights on Gray Curls

For those with silver-toned or naturally gray curls looking to make a bold statement, bright hot pink highlights can elevate the base color and infuse your hairstyle with loads of personality and fun.

Gray Curly Bob with Bright Pink Highlights

17. Blonde Balayage on Long Voluminous Hairstyle

A voluminous mane of blonde curls is perfect for showcasing a stunning balayage or ombre effect, making it an ideal choice for curly-haired individuals who wish to draw attention with their luscious locks.

Dirty to Golden Blonde Balayage

18. Middle-Length Hairstyle with Highlights and Bangs

This layered, curly hairstyle gains movement and texture, beautifully accented by soft milk chocolate highlights. The result is a sophisticated and elegant look, bursting with body and seamlessly integrated colors.

Medium Brown Highlights on Dark Curly Hair

19. Pastel Rainbow-Colored Curls

Embrace your playful side with a hairstyle that incorporates pastel rainbow shades for a bold and creative look. This style exudes springtime vibes and is perfect for showcasing your personality and flair.

Pastel Rainbow Ombre on Natural Hair

Can the Highlighting Techniques for Curly Hair Color be Adapted for Pink Highlights?

Looking to switch up your look? The trendsetting pink highlights fashion-forward look is a great choice for anyone with curly hair. The highlighting techniques may need slight adaptation, but adding pink highlights to curly hair can create a unique and stylish statement.

20. Honey Kissed Highlights

Elevate your curls from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of honey blonde highlights and flattering bangs.

Shoulder Length Curly Hairstyle with Bangs and Highlights

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