30 Trendy Long Curly Hairstyles to Try in 2024 for an Instant Glam Up

1. Bouncy Layers for Dark Curly Hair

Layers are the key to achieving a voluminous look without adding heaviness. Allow your curls to cascade freely, showcasing your natural spirals and adding an impressive depth to your hairstyle.

Layers for Long Curly Hair

2. Cute Layered Spirals and Bangs

Curly hair in Black women might seem challenging to style diversely. However, introducing layers can marvelously transform your curls. Embellishing with caramel highlights can further enhance the richness of your natural hair color, adding delightful dimension.

Layered Colis with Caramel Highlights

3. Side-Parted Curly Hairstyle

Altering the parting of your long curly tresses is a simple yet effective way to refresh your look. A deep side part creates an illusion of lighter, more voluminous curls, especially when enhanced with light highlights. This hairstyle is universally flattering, suitable for any face shape.

Medium Length Curly Hair with Highlights

4. Chic Blonde Curly Style

Crafted to turn heads, this voluminous curly hairstyle demands attention. Strategic layering is essential to prevent the style from looking overly bulky. A transformation to a platinum blonde shade can inject a vibrant twist into your dark curls, elevating your look.

Long Curly Light Blonde Hair

5. Natural Curls with a Fringe

Long hairstyles are incredibly versatile, flattering a wide range of face shapes. For those with a longer facial structure, incorporating curly bangs can harmonize proportions and draw attention to your facial features.

Long Curly Hair with Bangs

6. Pulled Over Layered Curly Hair

The volume showcased in this hairstyle is truly captivating. Tight curls, when draped over one shoulder and slightly teased at the roots, amplify the natural volume, creating an irresistibly full appearance.

Long Brown Curly Hairstyle

7. Soft Curls for Mid-Length Cut

Beach hair is an excellent choice for those aiming for a sweet spot between tight curls and loose waves. This look can be easily achieved with a curling iron, and a spritz of hairspray will ensure your waves hold their shape beautifully.

Beach Waves on Shoulder Length Brown Hair

8. Textured Shag for Long Curly Hair

This hairstyle, centered with a part, offers a naturally cute and laid-back vibe, perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet stylish look. To define your curls and add a glossy finish, use a moisturizing product or leave-in conditioner.

Dark Curly Hair with Side Part

9. Natural Spiral Curls

Embrace the spotlight with a full-bodied curly Rezo cut, allowing your natural curls to shine. Adding blonde highlights throughout your brunette base introduces a dynamic contrast and enhances the texture of your long layers, especially flattering for round face shapes.

Brown Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights

10. Shag Cut for Curly Hair

A fringe-enhanced shaggy cut is a match made in heaven for those with elongated face shapes. The layered structure and voluminous curls guarantee a naturally chic and easy-going appearance, with the added benefit of being low maintenance.

Low Maintenance Curly Shag for Long Hair

11. Bold and Sexy Blonde Curls

Layered hairstyles are an effective way to breathe new life into your curls while preserving their length. Encourage your stylist to incorporate more blonde to unveil the texture. Side-swept bangs lend a sultry and bold edge to your look.

Messy Blonde Curls

12. Crown Braid for Cute Curly Haircuts

Curly hair uniquely elevates the simplest of styles. A braided crown adds an element of sophistication and simplicity, especially when adorned with tiny golden hair clips, creating a look that’s both regal and chic.

Braided Headband for Curly Hair

13. Beautiful Bouncy Curls for Long Hair

Achieving timeless curls independently is simpler than one might think. There are several quick and easy methods for styling long curly hair, but a surefire technique is to plop your curls, enhancing their texture and ensuring lasting bounce.

Long Curly Hair with Side Parting

14. Long Curls for Layered Cut

Layered haircuts introduce movement and volume to long curly tresses. For those seeking to boost volume in finer hair, a razor cut is advisable. Loosening the curls can achieve a relaxed curl pattern, resulting in softer, more inviting waves.

Long Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs

15. Curly Hair with Ombre Coloring

Curly-haired individuals can enjoy effortless styling; a touch of mousse is often all that’s needed. Incorporating highlights or an ombre effect lightens the overall look of your voluminous hairstyle, making it appear more airy and dynamic, regardless of hair length.

Long Curly Hair with Ombre

16. Nice and Natural Coily Hair

Curly bob hairstyles are beautifully complemented by natural coily curls, suitable for any hair length but particularly flattering on medium cuts. Styling your hair slightly to one side or incorporating side-swept bangs can enhance the voluminous look of your curls.

Auburn Curly Long Bob

17. Messy Updo for Thick Hair

Curly hair displays its unique charm when worn loose, but it can also be elegantly styled into updos. This messy updo is a fashionable choice for those wishing to showcase their hair’s rich texture. A few simple tools like a hair tie and bobby pins allow you to craft a casually elegant bun.

Loose Bun for Naturally Curly Hair

18. Pimped Up Natural Curls with Floral Clip

Elevate your natural curls with a simple yet stylish half-up do, secured with a hair tie or a chic floral clip. For added elegance, refine your curls with a curling iron, enhancing the overall look of your hairstyle.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Long Curly Hair

19. Loose Curls with Deep Side Parting

To add a fresh twist to long curly hairstyles, try styling your hair with a deep side part instead of the usual center part. This creates a voluminous and dynamic look, with beachy waves that are sure to capture attention.

Long Blonde Hair with Deep Side Part

20. Dark Curls with Wet Hair Look

Achieve a sophisticated, frizz-free curly look by applying a light-hold gel to wet hair and gently removing excess moisture with a cotton towel. This technique gives your curls a sleek, wet appearance that’s always in vogue.

Wet Look for Long Dark Hair

21. Charming Curly Updo for Brunettes

Opt for an updo to keep your natural curls looking healthy and vibrant, avoiding heat styling tools. An updo adorned with delicate flowers or styled into a messy bun, complemented by face-framing tendrils, offers a captivating aesthetic.

Updo for Long Curly Hair

22. Natural Curl Updo with High Bun

Take a break from your usual long, flowing curls with an elegant high bun updo. The simplicity of a high bun, paired with curly strands to frame the face, creates a stylish and refined look.

High Bun for Curly Hair

23. Stunning Curly Hairstyle for Brides

For those special occasions, consider a braided hairstyle adorned with subtle gold details as a sophisticated and unique alternative to traditional updos, allowing your locks to flow gracefully.

Braided Hairdo for Curly Hair

24. Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle

A loose curly updo is the perfect choice for both a laid-back day or a more formal evening, making it suitable for a variety of occasions, including first dates or celebratory events. This hairstyle idea can be transformed into a soft and elegant look for weddings or any special moment.

Curly Hairstyle for Special Occasions

25. Curly Layered Haircut for Redheads

A golden copper shade will beautifully accentuate your long, curly hair, adding an extra layer of depth. Dare to be different by opting for curly bangs, which blend effortlessly with longer layers, creating a vibrant and textured hairstyle.

Long Red Curly Shag

26. Slicked-Back Fluffy Ponytail

For those with naturally curly hair, a low ponytail can be a charming option for any event. Pulling the ponytail down to the nape, smoothing the top with a light-hold gel, and letting the curls expand naturally offers a cute and stylish look.

Low Ponytail for Curly Hair

27. Super Long Wavy Hair

This hairstyle proves that even thin hair can look voluminous when styled with long, curly layers and face-framing bangs. Use a dry texturizing spray and definition mist to enhance the texture and volume of your curls for a stunning look.

Long Layered Curly Locks

28. Romantic Naturally Curly Hair

Adorn your hair with a unique accessory like a floral headband for a romantic and eye-catching style, perfect for weddings or any special occasion. This adds a whimsical touch to your natural curls, making them even more enchanting.

Romantic Hairstyle for Curly Hair

29. Neat and Elegant Style for Prom

For a prom night or any festive event, curls offer a glamorous touch that lasts throughout the celebrations. If you prefer a more refined style, consider styling your hair in a bun, leaving a few strands loose to frame your face with elegance.

Easy Updo for Curly Hair

30. Long Copper Curly Hairstyle

For a striking, low-maintenance look, opt for long, loose copper curls. The vibrant hue of redheads always stands out, ensuring you make a memorable impression at any gathering with these beautiful curls.

Long Copper Curly Hair

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