undercut bob haircut

1. Asymmetrical Bob with a Shaved Side

Opt for a more sophisticated rendition of an undercut with this hairstyle. It incorporates a shaved side that adds an edgy twist to the traditional bob, maintaining a polished appearance that’s suitable for the workplace.

2. Layered A-Line Bob with an Undercut

This shaggy, feathered undercut A-line bob presents a versatile look, appearing fantastic whether worn straight or with waves. Enhanced with deep berry-red highlights, the style gains added depth, and employing volume powder or spray is essential for achieving the desired aesthetic.

3. Fiery Red Curly Undercut Bob

Featuring a striking burnt red hue, this hairstyle commands attention on its own. The inclusion of a shaved side amplifies a sense of boldness and rebellion. Style it straight or add curls for added texture.

4. Undercut Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

An undercut effectively reduces the bulk on the sides, transforming a potentially dowdy bob into a sleek, fashionable look. Rather than thinning out the hair, opt for a shaved side to discover the transformative lightweight and stylish effect it offers.

5. Angled Bob with an Undercut Nape

The timeless design of this bob is flattering for any facial structure, while a discreet undercut at the nape introduces an element of elegance and femininity. It’s a revelation how undercuts can simultaneously appear chic and sophisticated, enhancing the neckline.

6. Blunt Bob with Hair Tattoo Undercut

Elevate your blunt bob with a hair tattoo undercut for an innovative touch, perfectly complemented by vibrant red highlights. This hairstyle stands out for its creativity and trend-setting appeal.

7. Blonde Bob with a Shaved Side

This hairstyle’s versatility is captivating, allowing you to sweep it to one side to showcase the undercut or part it down the middle to conceal it, adapting to your mood. The adaptability of this style is truly enchanting.

8. Perfect Precision Undercut Bob With a V-Shave Neckline

Featuring a precise cut with seamlessly blended layers and refined edges, this bob is characterized by its clean lines. The V-shaped undercut at the neckline is key to achieving its sleek silhouette. Blow drying in the direction of the hair’s natural fall ensures the perfect execution of this style.

9. Platinum Blonde Bob with a Contrasting Side Undercut

Injecting a side undercut into your bob can revitalize your look with a touch of novelty, perfect for those seeking a change after years of a similar style. This minor alteration can significantly elevate the overall appearance.

10. Short Bob with Undercut and Sweeping Bangs

This angled, mid-length stacked bob is flawlessly executed, offering additional volume through a contrast of shorter, shaved back and longer sides. The inclusion of sweeping bangs adds a personal touch to the timeless design.

11. Sharp-Edge Ginger Undercut Bob

Don’t let a low and uneven natural neck hairline deter you from a short bob. A carefully shaved lower nape area can create a sleek, defined outline, enhancing the hairstyle’s overall look.

12. Short Stacked Bob with Undercut

This chin-length stacked bob, featuring an undercut nape, is ideal for those desiring volume at the crown. Applying texturizing paste after blow-drying will add texture and definition to the style.

13. Brunette Bob with a Fringe and Undercut

The combination of bangs and an undercut breathes new life into the classic bob, offering a contemporary twist. This cut is particularly suited for managing thick, heavy hair, with the added benefit of reduced styling time.

14. Inverted Bob with Hidden Undercut

This inverted bob hides an undercut beneath its beautiful, graduated layers, effectively removing unwanted volume. This feature simplifies and speeds up the styling process, adding convenience to its elegant appearance.

15. Undercut Lob Haircut with Highlights

This blonde, wavy lob embodies cuteness and femininity, featuring a softly shaved side that doesn’t need to be too short, suggesting a length of about half an inch for a gentle, subtle effect.

16. Mint Color Undercut Bob

A testament to the importance of details in achieving a perfect style, this mint-colored hairstyle with a side undercut and shaved nape offers a fantastical combination, showcasing the power of vibrant color and precise cuts.

17. Chin Length Bob with a Hidden Undercut

Enjoy the versatility of a hidden undercut, offering two distinct hairstyles in one. A simple change in parting can transform your appearance and mood, providing flexibility and a fresh look.

18. Stacked Bob with an Undercut

The stacked bob, once deemed a traditional choice, is experiencing a revival for its effortless elegance and femininity. Incorporating an undercut, whether at the back or side, introduces a modern edge to this classic style.

19. Sleek Ginger Bob with Undercut Nape and

Achieving this sleek, smooth finish may require regular use of a flat iron, but the effort is well worth it. The striking combination of a vibrant ginger hue with crisp, clean lines makes for a definitive fashion statement.

20. Inverted Bob with Tapered Neckline and Shaved Temples

This modern twist on a 1920s-inspired bob showcases a shaved side for a polished look. Tucking the hair behind your ear highlights the undercut, while hair gel adds the finishing touch for a sleek appearance.

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