long angled bob

1: Long Curly Angled Bob

This hairstyle takes full advantage of the natural curls, offering a long angled bob that brings versatility to the forefront. The design, shorter at the nape, naturally enhances the curls and volume. It’s important to embrace that a full ponytail might not be achievable with this style, and employing products to refine the texture or tame any frizz is necessary.

2: Smooth Long Angled Copper Bob

Opt for this long, angled copper bob to achieve a look that’s both refined and contemporary. The precision of the cut lends a modern flair, while the sleek finish ensures an air of sophistication. Ideal for those with straight to mildly wavy hair, this style accentuates a neat, structured silhouette.

3: Long and Angled Bob for Straight Hair

Tailored for straight hair, this long and angled bob presents a polished and refined appearance. The design, longer at the front and shorter at the back, offers a flattering, face-framing effect. It allows for a variety of styling options, from a smooth and sleek finish to gentle waves for added texture, perfectly complementing straight hair by highlighting its natural sleekness and luster.

4: Chic Angled Lob for Straight Hair

Elevate your straight hair with this stylish, angled lob. The shoulder-length cut is low-maintenance yet fashionable, featuring longer layers at the front that gradually shorten towards the back. This layered approach not only adds a modern edge but also provides movement and a flattering frame for the face.

5: Straight and Shiny Angled Lob

For those with straight hair looking to shorten their length while maintaining face-framing strands, a sleek, angled lob is an ideal transition. It’s a moderate approach towards shorter hair, avoiding the shock of a drastic cut like a pixie. This lob offers a gentle introduction to shorter hairstyles.

6: Angled Extra Long Bob on Ash Platinum Hair

An angled bob on long hair, enhanced with bangs or frontal layers, offers versatile face framing. Suitable for any face shape, this style incorporates long bangs or layers to create a flattering silhouette.

7: Angled Lob with Blonde Balayage

For enthusiasts of sharp cuts, an angled lob combined with blonde balayage offers an exquisite style. The cut graduates at the back, establishing a definitive line with the shortest point at the center nape. It’s designed to showcase long layers with balayage, avoiding excessive layering at the crown to maintain a clean perimeter.

8: Angled Lob with Waves

The angled wavy lob suits any age and face shape, requiring moderate styling effort. Achieve natural volume by blow-drying with a Denman or flat brush against the head’s curve, and add beach waves for dynamic movement. Finish with texture spray or light hairspray for definition.

9: Long Inverted Angled Bob

For a bold transformation, consider the long inverted angled bob. This medium-length cut, shorter at the back, creates a visually striking silhouette while preserving some length. Ensure the blunt cut remains above the shoulders to prevent unwanted flipping. Style with smoothing cream and a large round brush, using a flat iron for any persistent waves.

10: Long Bob with Bangs and Layers

Explore the versatility of a textured, long, angled bob adorned with bangs and layers. Suitable for straight, curly, or wavy styling, this bob offers a sophisticated or casual look. For quick styling, blow-dry the front sections, flicking back the fringe for a smooth transition. For those with thin hair, consider dry shampoo powder to volumize the roots.

11: Textured Shoulder-Length Angled Bob

A shoulder-length angled bob with layers offers timeless versatility. While it demands regular maintenance and styling, the effort pays off with a stunning appearance. Smooth blow-drying and optional iron styling are key to achieving this look, not recommended for those seeking minimal maintenance hairstyles.

12: Choppy Angled Bob with Long Side Bangs on Fine Hair

This choppy, long angled bob with side bangs makes for an ideal date-night look, especially when adorned with subtle curls.

13: Layered Angled Long Bob with Bangs

Embrace the Zooey Deschanel-inspired long angled bob with full bangs for a casual yet striking Hollywood look. The layered design ensures you stand out.

14: Long Shaggy Angled Bob With Bangs

Transition smoothly to longer hair with a shaggy, long angled bob featuring bangs, adding an element of fun to the medium-length cut.

15: Medium-Length Angled Bob with Layers

This medium-length angled bob with layers is particularly beneficial for those with fine hair, adding fullness and a dynamic edge with a golden brown ombre against dark roots.

16: Long Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

The long asymmetrical bob, enhanced with a side undercut, combines length with an angled style for a

playful yet edgy look. Regular trims are essential to keep the undercut sharp.

17: Long Slightly Angled Bob Haircut

A textured, long slightly angled bob requires regular trims every 6-8 weeks, offering a styled appearance that’s not ideally low-maintenance.

18: Long Wavy Angled Bob Back View

Dubbed the “beach babe” look, this long angled bob for wavy hair excels in versatility, adding texture and movement for an effortless style.

19: Long Blunt Cut Angled Bob with Side Part

A trendy long angled blunt bob with a side part offers a contemporary twist on traditional bobs, providing versatility for those experimenting with shorter hair lengths.

20: Long Angled Blonde Bob

A dimensional long angled bob in platinum blonde showcases multiple tones, offering a shorter styling process while catering to those with curly hair textures.

21: Angled Bob with Long Layers

The long angled layered bob is a stylish, easy-to-style haircut that works well for fine to medium hair thickness, offering versatility for various lifestyles.

22: Messy Angled Lob for Thick Hair

For thick hair, a long, angled bob with an undercut reduces weight and bulk, offering a shorter style while maintaining length around the face.

23: Angled Very Long Bob

A very long angled bob features strategically placed soft textured layers, promoting easy maintenance and versatile styling options.

24: Ideal Angled Bob for Long Thin Hair

This sleek, angled bob is designed to add body and fullness to thin hair, emphasizing clean lines and attention to detail, including considerations for natural hair growth patterns.

25: Long Stacked Angled Bob with Bangs

Stacked layers in this long angled lob create a voluminous body, complemented by bangs to enhance the hairstyle’s flattering angles.

26: Sleek Burgundy A-Line Lob

A dramatic, sleek burgundy a-line lob offers a bold color statement, ideal for round faces, with stylist consultations recommended to match the burgundy shade to your complexion.

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