layered pixie cuts

1. Catchy Blonde Layered Pixie Cut

This blonde pixie hairstyle stands out for its blend of elegance and modern flair. Featuring a striking light blonde hue and a soft, pixie silhouette, it offers a chic, feminine appeal that suits various face shapes well. It’s an ideal choice for anyone keen on trying out layered pixie styles.

2. Reddish Layered Pixie with Undercut

For those with thick hair, an undercut pixie cut is a smart pick. It helps in maintaining the bulk of your hair, making it more manageable and easy to style. The technique of layering beneath the longer sections helps in sculpting a distinct, bold outline around the head.

3. Textured Layered Pixie with Bangs

This timeless layered pixie cut captures attention, particularly when arranged to one side and accentuated with matte texturizing product for added depth and definition. It’s the perfect match for individuals who value a mix of texture and elegance in their hairstyle.

4. Long Pixie Style with Layers and Highlights

Opt for a layered pixie hairstyle for a fuss-free, fashionable look. Achieve this style with a simple blow-dry and finalize with a light application of hairspray to ensure durability throughout the day.

5. Curly Pixie Cut with Baby Bangs

This appealing layered pixie cut is a fantastic option for softening pronounced lines in your hairstyle. The delicate feathering at the neckline and the inherent curls throughout offer an exquisite, visually stunning effect.

6. Edgy Pixie Hairstyle with Teasylights

Channeling the boldness of the 80s, this pixie cut showcases a dramatic contrast in lengths, with the fringe elegantly sweeping to one side, conveying a spirited attitude. Despite its bold look, this haircut remains surprisingly straightforward to maintain and suits a range of hair textures.

7. Vibrant Copper Layered Hair

This pixie cut combines a vivid copper color with a traditional style for a striking, fashionable appearance. This trendy autumn hue brings a warm, vibrant touch to the layered pixie, making a bold statement this season.

8. Thick Brown Pixie with Wispy Layers

The dynamic movement in this pixie cut is captivating, offering a dreamlike, ethereal quality with its floaty appearance and graceful length and movement. It’s well-suited for both thick and fine hair types.

9. Lovely Pixie Crop for Brunettes

Chic, cute, and timeless, this layered pixie cut is perfect for those seeking a straightforward yet fashionable hairstyle that remains elegant and classic.

10. Cool Pixie Hairstyle with Disconnected Layers

This pixie cut is distinguished by its dual-layer approach – maintaining a neat and precise shorter length while allowing the top layer to extend a bit longer and remain distinct from the base, lending an effortlessly cool and subtly edgy finish. This style benefits from a bit of texture without requiring excessive spikiness.

11. Cropped Pixie Mullet

For a bold and striking layered pixie cut, this style stands out with extended hair around the ears and square, textured bangs. The layers add a dynamic, edgy twist to the overall look.

12. Chic Pixie Bob with Edgy Layers

Echoing the classic vibes of the 70s, this pixie cut melds elegant micro bangs with iconic layers that frame the face, making it suitable for straight and wavy hair textures alike.

13. Long Pixie Haircut with Eye-Catching Bangs

Simple yet striking, this hairstyle is perfect for those aiming to draw attention. The contrast between the short sides and the elongated top portion highlights the hairstyle’s texture and overall allure.

14. Short Voluminous Haircut

Even with a pixie cut, achieving voluminous locks is possible with the right styling technique. Blow-drying your hair can create significant volume, and using hairspray will ensure the style holds throughout the day.

15. Cute Layered Hair for Heart-Shaped Face

This hairstyle is ideal for adding texture and movement. It features thick, feathered bangs and an undercut at the nape, offering a distinctive, edgy look that captures attention.

16. Charming Pixie Cut with Bangs

This updated pixie haircut will surely make you stand out, with layers that enhance your hair’s natural texture and a piece-y fringe with blonde highlights that draws focus to your eyes and highlights their beauty.

17. Gorgeous Blonde Pixie Hair

For the quintessential cool-girl look, this blonde pixie cut with side bangs boasts a sleek and contemporary edge. It’s particularly flattering for those with long or oval faces.

18. Comb Over Pixie with Taper Fade

Merging vintage and contemporary elements, this pixie cut offers a fresh take on the layered style. It features a longer top and shorter bottom, creating a playful yet sophisticated contrast that

will capture the eye.

19. Boyish Pixie Cut with Choppy Micro Bangs

Aiming for a standout hairstyle? This short pixie might be your answer. The feathered layers soften the masculine edge, while a bit of tousling with a texture spray can add a bold, sassy flair.

20. Sassy Layered Style

This concise hairstyle with a layered pixie cut beautifully accentuates the eyes and cheekbones. Its delightful short fringe and the natural movement of the hair make it easy to maintain and style.

21. Stylish Pixie Mullet for Wavy Hair

Showcasing your facial features is easy with this feminine pixie mullet cut, which enhances your natural beauty while offering a radiant, eye-catching look.

22. Brown Blonde Pixie with Messy Layers

Cool and trendy, this haircut’s warm blonde tones are enhanced by the dark brown roots, creating a powerful visual impact that adds depth to the style.

23. Layered Pixie Style for Thick Hair

For a chic messy pixie cut, consider adding shaggy bangs and texture throughout. The chocolate brown color also earns extra style points for this look.

24. Curtain Bangs and Soft Blonde Layers

A classic, timeless layered pixie cut with additional length at the back for a gentle, feminine effect. The versatile bangs can be styled to the side or parted, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a short but adaptable hairstyle.

25. Shaggy Pixie with Layers and Bangs

With its sharp, layered silhouette and thick, textured bangs, this shaggy pixie cut embodies a modern and edgy vibe. It’s perfect for pairing with bold makeup looks.

26. Platinum Blonde Pixie with Deep Parting

This style maximizes body and dimension with a mix of short and long layers, offering a voluminous and dynamic hairstyle. The rich blonde shade adds an extra spark to the overall appearance.

27. Disconnected Short Haircut

Featuring fullness at the crown and a fade underneath, this charming pixie cut is ideal for those with round faces, offering a playful yet elegant look.

28. Copper Layered Style for Thick Hair

This bixie hairstyle captivates with its textural depth and charm, featuring choppy layers and bangs set against a vibrant copper hue, ensuring you stand out and accentuate your features.

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