50 Lively Long Shag Haircuts to Refresh Your Hairstyle

1. Rebel Shag

Embrace the essence of a rock legend with lengthy, shaggy locks. Introducing auburn highlights can transform your appearance significantly.

Long Brown Shag with Auburn Highlights

2. Shag with Long Bangs

Achieve an enchanting bohemian vibe with this layered style, perfect for redheads seeking an aesthetic flair.

Bohemian Shag for Long Hair

3. Sombre Shag with No Bangs

This stunning hairstyle stands out for its depth and texture, making it a noteworthy choice.

Long Auburn Shag with No Bangs

4. Wavy Shag

A shaggy cut not only infuses your hair with immense volume but also enhances its texture, especially if your hair is naturally wavy.

Long Shag for Wavy Hair

5. Long Shag with Curtain Bangs

Layered shags and curtain bangs are a match made in heaven, offering a rock’n’roll appearance while maintaining feminine allure.

Long Layered Shag with Bangs

6. Long Wispy Shag

Revitalize a funky layered look with an unconventional color choice, such as lavender or pastel pink, for a feminine touch.

Long Lavender Shag

7. Frizzy Shag

If you’re drawn to hairstyles that look naturally beautiful, this downdo will present you as both feminine and contemporary.

Modern Feminine Shag for Long Hair

8. Chocolate Brown Shag Cut

This razored style is a breeze to style; simply tousle your hair a bit, and you’re set.

Brown Razored Shag

9. Long Layered Shag for Thin Hair

Opt for a natural, hippie vibe with this 70s-inspired shag, so delicate and subtle that the choppy layers may go unnoticed at first.

s Choppy Shag for Thin Hair

10. Mauve Shag

Why settle for simplicity? Highlight nice, piece-y layers with an extraordinary color like muted mauve.

Long Piece y Shag

11. Copper Long Shag with a Soft Feel

Featuring most layers towards the end, this glossy copper shag with lush curtain bangs offers a smooth yet distinctly ‘60s flair.

12. Brightening Highlights and Choppy Ends

Reminiscent of a shampoo ad, this style uses auburn and blonde highlights to accentuate the shaggy cut.

13. Sexy Modern Shag

Combine waves and highlights for a stylish look, perfected with a layered cut.

14. Soft and Long Shag on Hazelnut Hair

Featuring heavily sliced ends and face-framing short layers, this style achieves a gentle appearance without excessive choppiness at the crown.

15. Choppy Layers and Jagged Bangs

Adding messy waves and piece-y bangs to a long shag with bangs introduces a fresh, creative edge.

16. Fun Fringe and Subtle Balayage

This stunning combination of bangs and long shaggy layers will frame your face beautifully.

17. Brunette Shag with Piece-y Layers

For women with dark hair, long shag haircuts paired with contrasting highlights and disconnected layering highlight a bold personality.

18. Long Shag Haircut with Bangs and Feathered Ends

This haircut incorporates dense curtain bangs and lightens the ends for a wild yet breezy shag look.

19. Long Strawberry Blonde Shag Cut

Enhance the natural beauty of red hair and blue eyes with a shag haircut, channeling a modern Merida from “Brave.”

20. Wispy Face-Framing Layers

For those cautious of messy, jagged cuts, opting for wispy layers with a smooth color transition suits this popular style perfectly, resulting in a remarkable hairstyle.

21. Casual Shag Hairstyle

This variation proves that shaggy styles can exude elegance and grace, highlighted by gentle waves.

22. Micro Bangs and Blonde Insertions

Featuring ultra-short bangs and platinum accents, this long wolf cut draws attention to the hair’s length and texture while opening up the face.

23. Long Layered Shag with Razor-Cut Finish

Exceeding all expectations in texture, this style features choppiness from the bangs down, achieved through layering and razor cutting.

24. Shaggy Bangs Long Hair Transformation

For a radical style change without hair dye, consider adding bangs and shaggy layers.

25. Long Shag with Bangs

While shaggy styles are often seen in shorter lengths, they look equally stunning on long hair, offering a bold and sexy uncombed look.

26. Shag for Long Hair

Elevate your self-assurance with a captivating layered haircut.

27. Minimum-Effort Long Shag Haircut

If you’re seeking a style that maintains length without the need for extensive styling, the shag offers a trendy yet effortless look.

28. Fun Blonde Cut with a Shaggy Wispy Fringe

This version introduces a layered, see-through fringe with sticking-out ends for a cool contrast against the waves below.

29. Shaggy Layers for Thick

See-through bangs in long shag hairstyles add lightness and draw attention to the eyes, making this cut ideal for those with thick, wavy hair.

30. Beachy Long Shag Haircut

Offering a sun-kissed, effortless look with golden blonde highlights and face-framing layers, this shag requires minimal styling.

31. Cool Shaggy Layered Long Hair

This style focuses on natural hair color with a twist, boasting low maintenance with occasional trims.

32. Layered Shag

Add texture and volume with a layered cut, where highlights play a crucial role in strand emphasis.

33. Long Shag Haircut with a Strawberry Flavor

The two-tone butterfly cut is airy with feathered ends and strawberry blonde highlights, while a darker shade on top adds body.

34. Beach Waves for Choppy Long Hair

Transform unruly hair with this long cut, requiring just a saltwater spray for year-long summer vibes.

35. Volumizing Blonde Shag with Bangs

Before and after photos highlight the dramatic transformation from flat to a voluminous mane through expert layering and feathering.

36. Long Wavy Shag

This trendy shaggy haircut styled in light waves is ideal for those with slightly curly hair, needing only minimal effort for a stylishly disheveled look.

37. Choppy Ends and Internal Layers

Long shag styles for thick hair benefit from internal layers that debulk without creating a disconnected appearance.

38. Wavy Shag for Thick Hair

Long shaggy styles are recommended for thick hair to reduce bulk and beautifully shape the hair, enhancing waves with thinned-out ends.

39. Long Hair Shag with Textured Ends

Fine-haired individuals can achieve greater volume and texture through strategic cutting and feathering of the ends.

40. Shaggy Beige Brunette Waves

Featuring a light brown base with a root smudge and see-through fringe, this style combines face-framing layers and wispy waves for a stunning look.

41. 70s Shag Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Channeling a rock ‘n’ roll vibe with a disruptive, retro-inspired shag haircut that remains stylishly modern.

42. Gray Long Shag Hairstyles

Merging waves, volume, and a stunning silver hue, this hairstyle epitomizes ultra-modern elegance.

43. Long Shaggy Hair with a Hint of Blonde

Warm honey-blonde highlights enhance this tousled shag, maximizing volume at the crown.

44. Subtle Layers and a Deep Fringe

Thinner hair types can achieve a fuller look through minimal layering and a weighty fringe that blends into graduated side pieces.

45. Tamed Shaggy Hair in Chocolate Brown

This style features soft wispy bangs and face-hugging pieces, offering abundant texture and dimension while maintaining a gentle appearance.

46. Beach-Ready Shaggy Cut for Long Hair

Lived-in blonde highlights and a light brown base accentuate the undone texture and layers for a beach-inspired look.

47. Blonde Highlights for a Shaggy Cut

Choppy ends give the impression of naturally air-dried hair.

48. Two-Tier Blonde Shag

This shag creates volume at the crown and disguises a high forehead with layered, textured bangs.

49. Long Shag Cut with Bouncy Layers

A glamorous version of the long shag, polished and volumized with a blowout to showcase movement and perfect layering.

50. Summery Bombshell Shag

This golden blonde shag, enhanced with brightness, captures the essence of statement hair trending now, in a more relaxed style suitable for everyday wear.

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