30 Chic Long Hair with Bangs Ideas for a Stunning Transformation

Long Straight Hair with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Embrace the timeless allure of sleek, long hair paired with eyebrow-skimming blunt bangs. Whether seeking a fresh everyday style or a polished office-friendly look, this classic hairstyle is a perfect choice for those with naturally straight, long hair.

Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs

Long Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Effortlessly frame your face with long curtain bangs that seamlessly blend with the strands on either side. Ideal for round or heart-shaped faces, this style creates a stunning face-framing effect, enhancing your facial features with a touch of glamour.

Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Long Hair with Schoolgirl Fringe

Achieve a sweet and innocent look with a schoolgirl fringe that delicately skims above your eyebrows. This charming style requires regular trims to maintain its perfection, ensuring a timeless and adorable appearance.

Brown Ombre Hair with Full Bangs

Wavy Long Hair with Soft Bangs

Introduce ethereal see-through bangs to your wavy long hair, adding a touch of softness and grace. Wispy and delicate, these bangs by Yukistylist not only create a graceful look but also harmonize beautifully with different face shapes.

Soft Waves with See Through Bangs

Flowy Long Bangs for Long Hair

Revel in the flirtatious charm of long side-swept bangs, expertly crafted by stylist Dusty Vickers. The longer the bangs, the more opportunities they offer for face-framing styles, making this option a versatile and stylish addition to long hair.

Long Bangs with Feathered Tips

Feathered Bangs for Messy Hair

Opt for feathered bangs if you have an oval-shaped face and long, messy hair. The wispy and airy texture of these bangs complements wavy hair with long feathered layers, creating a harmonious and stylish look.

Messy Blonde Locks with Feathered Fringe

Silky Long Hair with Bangs

Consider your hair type before diving into bangs, especially if you have medium-thickness straight long hair. Long bangs can add excitement to your look, providing a chic and stylish way to spice up your silky, straight locks.

Sleek Chocolate Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

Wavy Hair with Bottleneck Bangs

Indecisive between classic curtain bangs and lightweight wispy bangs? Opt for bottleneck bangs, striking a perfect balance between the two styles. These bangs flawlessly blend with the rest of the haircut, imparting an airy feel to long hairstyles.

Messy Long Waves with Texturized Fringe

Face Framing Layers

Unleash the power of long, straight bangs to showcase your jawline confidently. Feathered ends and peek-a-boo highlights add texture and color, making this long hairstyle a captivating showstopper.

Straight Hair with Long Bangs and Peekaboo Highlights

Edgy Blunt Bangs for Thick Hair

Emphasize the fullness of long, thick hair with edgy blunt bangs. Paired with messy waves, this combination creates a match made in hair heaven, offering a glamorous and bold look.

Blunt Fringe and Tousled Waves Combo

Wispy Bangs on Layered Haircut

For a minimal yet chic look, opt for subtle, barely-there wispy bangs. This hairstyle effortlessly adds volume and structure to long hair, maintaining an overall minimalistic and stylish appearance.

Long Side-Swept Bangs

Achieve voluminous side-swept bangs with the expertise of stylist Joe Profita. Dry cutting techniques bring volume to the bangs, allowing you to recreate a salon-fresh look with a round brush at home.

Long Layered Hair with Arched Bangs

Thin or fine hair is no challenge for long layered hair with arched bangs. The layers add volume and body, creating the illusion of fuller hair, while arched, face-framing bangs complement the curves of the face.

Layered Hair with Bangs

Embrace longer blended bangs for the epitome of low commitment and seamless integration with the rest of your hair. A beautiful example by Libby George showcases the versatility and elegance of long hair with bangs.

Voluminous Long Hair with Bangs

Add sexy volume to long hair with delicate face-framing pieces and a textured fringe. Sal Salcedo achieves a trendy wolf cut vibe in this voluminous long hair with bangs, creating a look that exudes confidence and style.

Shaggy Long Hair with Bangs

Opt for a gentle rendition of the wolf hairstyle with a long shag that features razor-cut textured bangs. The focal point of this look lies in the shaggy layers and bangs, offering a playful and stylish appearance.

Choppy Fringe with Face Framing Layers

Long hair with choppy fringe and subtle layers is an excellent move for thin hair. The layers bring natural flow and texture, while the choppy fringe acts as a magical solution for larger foreheads, achieving a balanced face shape.

Ginger Mane with Curtain Bangs

Embrace a bold change with a vibrant color and stylish side-swept curtain bangs. The combination of a bold hue and flowing curtain bangs creates a stunning and effortlessly chic look.

Long Hair with Full Thick Bangs

If you have thick hair, opt for a full straight fringe to complement various face shapes. Particularly suitable for heart and oval face shapes, full thick bangs add a stylish focal point while balancing overall proportions.

Long Hair with Tousled Bangs

Achieve a mesmerizing combination with flowing locks adorned with tousled bangs. The effortless texture of tousled bangs adds a carefree vibe to your look, enhancing the stunning elegance of long hair.

Long Curly Hair with Short Bangs

Rock bangs effortlessly with curly hair, opting for short bangs to add a playful touch to your style. Enhance the texture with a texturizing spray for a perfect blend of defined curls and short, stylish bangs.

Long Hair with Center Parted Bangs

Lighten the bulk of long hair with center-parted long bangs, offering a low-maintenance look without the commitment of regular styling. Subtle side bangs seamlessly integrate into the layers, achieving a salon-fresh appearance.

Long Hair with Thin Cheekbone-Skimming Bangs

Embrace wispy and feathered bangs for long fine hair, adding a touch of softness and texture. These delicate bangs beautifully complement fine strands, creating a harmonious and stylish look.

Glossy Long Hair with Baby Bangs

Keep the focus on your eyes with chic baby bangs paired with long layers. Ashley B Hair creates a stunning look with the cutest fringe, offering lots of long layers to soften facial features and add a touch of glamour.

Butterfly Cut with Bangs

Enhance bombshell blowout hair with a butterfly cut featuring flowing locks and face-framing bangs. Use a texturizing spray to define the texture and style the bangs away from the face, achieving a lively and dynamic appearance.

Long Side Parted Locks with Bangs

Combine loose waves with longer bangs for a skillful framing effect, harmonizing the width of your forehead with your jawline. The combination of textures creates a stylish and balanced look for long hair.

Bangs Hairstyle with Flipped Tips

Elevate the charm of long hair with bangs by incorporating flipped tips. The result is a lively and dynamic look that exudes effortless elegance, adding a playful touch to your overall style.

Heavily Layered Long Hair with Bangs

Play with bounce and movement with heavily layered long locks, creating a playful and vibrant appearance. Subtle warm highlights accentuate the strands, providing an irresistible radiant glow to your long hair.

Long Jellyfish Cut with Short Blunt Fringe

Achieve an eye-catching look with a smooth jellyfish cut, featuring long hair and a sharp chin-length layer accompanied by a short blunt fringe. Use a frizz-taming conditioner to ensure a sleek finish without flyaways.

Will Long Hair with Bangs Work for a Wedding Hairstyle?

Long hair with bangs can absolutely work as captivating wedding hairstyles. The combination of flowing locks and soft, face-framing fringe can create a romantic and elegant look for the bride. Long hair with bangs can be styled in various ways to suit different wedding themes and personal preferences.

Long Hair with Side Bangs

Say goodbye to the grow-out period with long side bangs seamlessly integrated into the layers. Enjoy the convenience of a low-maintenance look that gives the impression of a fresh-from-the-salon hairstyle for your long hair.

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