long blonde hair

1. Rooty Blonde with Long Side Swept Bangs

Capture everyone’s attention with this stunning blonde hairstyle! The voluminous, dimensional appeal, coupled with radiant shine, is truly captivating. Sweep your locks to one side to infuse dynamic movement into the layers.

Naturally Blonde Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

2. Honey Blonde Beach Waves

Elevate your hair’s glamour with these beachy, voluminous curls that transform you into a Hollywood sensation. Achieve this look with a flat iron or wand, securing the result with a spray. Get ready to shine like a star!

Golden Blonde Long Hair

3. Blonde Hair with Brown Underlayer

Explore a unique take on traditional blonde balayage with this warm blonde adorned with a sun-kissed brown underlayer. The natural look is effortlessly chic and requires minimal maintenance.

Long Dark Blonde Hair with Face Framing Highlights

4. Blonde Hair Long Layers

Create the illusion of extremely blonde-looking hair without coloring the roots with this exemplary style. Ensure regular touch-ups every three to four months to maintain the richness of the color.

Long Blonde Hair with Shadow Roots

5. Dimensional Waves with Blonde Money-Pieces

For thick hair, embrace extra-long wavy strands to achieve voluminous and textured locks. Contrast your tanned skin tone with face-framing blonde highlights for added brightness.

Long Blunt Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Streaks

6. One-Length Caramel

Platinum isn’t the only pretty blonde; indulge in the richness of this sandy caramel shade paired with a one-length cut. The subtle highlights provide a minimalist yet beautiful aesthetic.

Caramel Blonde Long Wavy Hairstyle

7. Wavy Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Embrace the perfect summer vibe with this layered wavy haircut featuring curtain bangs and creamy blonde color. Soften facial features and add femininity to your style.

Champaign Blonde Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

8. Long White Blonde Locks

Maintain a soft grow-out with white blonde hair color by diffusing the roots. Regular toning is essential for a cooler and brighter appearance without frequent color touch-ups.

Long Hair with White Blonde Color and Lowlights

9. Extra Long Waves with Blonde Highlights

Escape the flat look of waist-length hair with soft waves and blonde highlights. Opt for an off-center or side-swept parting for enhanced volume and body.

Long Sandy Blonde Hair

10. Classic Blonde Highlights

Enhance the softly feathered ends of layered hair with a mix of tones in vertical lines. Use a large round brush for a smooth surface with flicked tips, brightening the overall blonde look.

Caramel Blonde Straight Layered Hairstyle

11. Long Layered Haircut for Blondes

Cool blonde shades complement both straight and wavy hair, making waves an excellent option for long fine hair. Ideal for olive or fair skin tones.

12. Sensational Strawberry Blonde Hair

Long strawberry blonde locks shine on warm-toned skin. This bright, sunny hue elevates even the simplest haircut, especially with curled ends.

13. Ash Blonde Balayage Style

Step onto the red carpet with this stunning ash blonde balayage. The cool ashy blonde shade enhances hair texture and thickness, requiring blue shampoo for post-color maintenance.

14. Rooty Platinum Blonde and Front Layers

Achieve a versatile style with platinum blonde hair featuring shadow roots. Manageable and easy to maintain, remember to use purple shampoo for sustained shine and brightness.

15. Buttery Blonde Highlights

Admire the layers and delicate vibes of this stunning hairstyle featuring buttery blonde highlights. Soften your jawline, especially if you have a square face shape.

16. Long Wavy Style with Partial Balayage

Experiment with various shades of blonde using highlights from the mid-shaft, allowing for growing locks without frequent salon visits. A chic and low-maintenance choice.

17. Long Blonde Locks with Dark Roots

Refresh your look with long blonde haircuts like this sandy blonde balayage, creating a soft transition from natural brown and complementing medium skin tones.

18. Center Parted Beige Blonde

Achieve a put-together yet easy-going look with a crisply parted one-length cut. The appealing symmetry and neatness, combined with wheat blonde color and loose curls, evoke laid-back, flower-child vibes.

19. Cool Toned Long Blonde Hair

Long wavy strands paired with a bright blonde hue create a head-turning look. Ensure the chosen shade complements your skin tone for a fashionable appearance.

20. Voluminous Style for Long Blonde Hair

Combat limp or stringy appearances in long fine hair with a layered cut. Textured strands and a quality blowout bring movement and volume, accentuating the impact of a white blonde shade on dark skin tones.

21. Vintage Updo with Buttery Texture for Long Hair

Elevate the classic bun with a vintage touch, accentuated by buttery texture for long hair. Suitable for various occasions, especially weddings, this hairstyle adds sophistication to blonde monochromatic or highlighted locks.

22. Tousled Waves

Distinguish this lustrous wavy hair with various highlights of blonde, blending darker to lighter hues. Whether in free-flowing styles or updos, the radiant dimensional mane stands out.

23. Long Dirty Blonde Waves

Maintain a gorgeous dishwater blonde with vanilla face framing for dark natural hair colors. Find a skilled hairstylist to achieve this beautiful look while preserving the health and glossiness of your hair.

24. Dimensional Cool Blonde Waves

Experience perfection with long dirty blonde locks adorned with platinum highlights. The trendy, modern, and fascinating look guarantees to turn heads effortlessly.

25. Face-Framing Long Wavy Hair

Highlight your facial features with beautiful honey blonde color and gentle bronde highlights. A trendy and catchy choice, especially for those with naturally brunette hair and neutral skin tones.

26. Blonde with Layers and Balayage

Achieve envy-worthy flaxen-hued strands with hand-painted brightness intensifying towards the ends. Opt for a middle part to enhance the flow of soft curtains of face-framing layers.

27. Silvery with Soft Layers

Soften long blonde hair with diffused ends encouraging curl, and embrace the icy glow of platinum. Use a large round brush for smoothing, adding volume, and imparting a slight bend to the tips.

28. Dark Blonde Bun with Two Braids

Elevate the classic bun with two seamlessly blended braids for a sophisticated layered bun. Highlighted braids and twists add texture, creating a stylish yet understated look for any setting.

29. Golden Blonde Fishtail

Combine neat and chic with this fishtail braid featuring blonde highlights. The loose, chunky, and somewhat messy braid offers a wonderful contrast of textures, making it a stylish and modern choice.

30. Glossy Ash Blonde Waves

Embrace cool hues like glossy ash blonde for a sophisticated look. Achieve sleek low-volume shape with deep undulations, adding modern touches to a simple cut.

31. Buttery Angled Ombre

Adorn your hair with a pale gold angled ombre along the face-framing edge. Maintain lower contrast shades for a straight, beautiful appearance suited for casual and bohemian styles.

32. Dishwater with Beachy Waves

Create visual density with darker blonde fine hair adorned with platinum flashes. Achieve barely-there wavy texture without heat tools by twisting strands into high buns and air drying.

33. Wispy Baby Blonde

Channel youthful vibes with pale hues and silky waves, emulating children’s manes. Babylights and loose layers provide

a blended, indistinct outline for effortless undulations.

34. Highlighted Platinum with Side Bangs

Opt for highlights instead of a single process for a soft base color with dimension. This low-contrast color solution requires less frequent touch-ups, complemented by sweeping side bangs.

35. Smooth and Platinum

Reduce salon maintenance with trendy dark roots blended with platinum lengths. Suited for straight hair, this free-flowing long blonde hairstyle exudes beauty with a touch of Argan oil for added gleam.

36. Rooty Long Layers

Elevate long fair hair with chocolatey roots and blonde layers, creating a stunning effect. The intricate application of high contrast shades through finely woven overlapping highlights and lowlights emphasizes complexity with a sleek finish.

37. Sandy Waist-Length Cut

Maximize growth and minimize damage with a subtle color for very long, beachy waves. This cute, beachy style adds a free-spirited finish to the sandy blonde, flaxen tone.

38. Low Textured Ponytail

Infuse class into a low ponytail with textured waves. Enhance the style by incorporating a textured short braid at the base, seamlessly blending into the ponytail. Versatile options for styling add flair to this simple yet elegant look.

39. Long Relaxed Fishtail

Explore a loose, chunky fishtail braid for a cute and messy look. This style showcases a blend of planned half updo transitioning into a full fishtail, offering an organized yet carefree appearance.

40. White Gold Waves

Experience the stunning allure of extra-light long blonde hair with a warm tint. Communicate with your stylist using images to achieve a solo color with subtle highlights for the envisioned look.

41. Platinum Ombre Curls

Embrace old Hollywood glamour with icy blonde on voluptuous curls. Maintain a cool hue when lightening as it complements ashy natural tones, providing an ideal base for intricate updos.

42. Beachy Rose Gold

Opt for a peachy blonde to enhance your glow, complementing natural undertones and ensuring easy maintenance. Wind-blown swirls add a romantic touch to this beachy, rosy gold look.

43. Light Blonde Waves

Embrace dark roots with platinum blonde strands for an edgy yet cute style. The messy knots arranged along the center create a half up Mohawk that looks chic and unconventional.

44. Curly Floral Updo

Complement blonde hairstyles with cute headbands, as seen in this messy updo with loose curls and a blush pink flower accessory. Achieve an organized yet chaotic and flawless look.

45. Big Ash Blonde Waves

Indulge in volume with large barrel curls for long blonde hair. This complex color, featuring a platinum blonde hue with silver strands underneath, adds depth and sophistication.

46. Café Au Lait with Long Bangs

Spice up your long blonde hair with versatile chin-length bangs, pinned into up styles or tucked behind the ear. Coffee-colored roots softened with creamy balayage provide a chic and modern touch.

47. Nut-Blonde Long Shag

Make a statement with heavily layered long hair, adding swing and movement to straight textures. The natural blend of creamy cashew and walnut tones flatters porcelain skin for a stylish appearance.

48. Wavy Ponytail with a Braided Flower

Add a touch of class to any outfit with a low ponytail featuring loose waves and a braided flower. Create a seamless blend by dividing the hair into two sections and securing the top section into a flower-shaped braid.

49. Coiled Champagne Blonde

Infuse effervescence into your hair with a champagne blonde hue reminiscent of French wine. Achieve pretty coils with a large curling iron and separate ringlets with fingers for a romantic finish.

Can I Achieve Ash Blonde Hair with Long Blonde Hair?

Yes, achieving natural ash blonde hair color with long blonde hair is possible with the right techniques. By using a high lift blonde hair color and toner, you can achieve the desired ash blonde shade while keeping your long locks looking healthy and vibrant.

50. Bubble Mohawk with Pompadour Front

Explore a new take on the bubble ponytail with a bubble Mohawk paired with a pompadour front. This modern twist on long blonde hairstyles adds a touch of past-day hits for a fresh and stylish look.

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