65 Trendy Curly Bob Haircuts for a Playful Makeover

1. Messy Blonde Balayage Bob

A short, curly bob is naturally inclined towards a tousled appearance, which can be quite appealing. Enhance your curls with a touch of mousse for added volume and a relaxed, chic finish. This effortless style is perfect for any day.

Messy Curly Bronde Bob

2. Naturally Spunky Spirals

Highlight your glossy black spirals with a chin-length haircut that emphasizes your curls through strategic layering and a dab of mousse. Be careful not to overapply product to maintain the natural curl pattern.

chin length curly bob hairstyle

3. Medium Curly Scrunched Hairstyle

Layering and scrunching are the secrets to taming wild curls. Coppery curls framing the face add a soft, flattering contour around the face and neck, presenting a serene appearance.

Mid Length Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

4. Curly Chocolate Bob with Caramel Highlights

An A-line curly bob brings an edgy yet charming appeal, steering away from being overly cute to more stylish. Introducing highlights enhances its chicness, offering a refreshed vibe.

Brunette Angled Curly Bob Hairstyle

5. Perm Bob with Tousled Curls

Even with naturally straight strands, you can achieve curly bliss with a perm. Maintain the look with moisturizing products and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep the curls well-defined and frizz at bay.

Light Brown Curly Bob

6. Curly Messy Bob with Elongated Pieces

Maximize the charm of a short curly bob by allowing strands to cascade down to the collarbone, creating a dense, flattering frame around the face and neck.

Inverted Short Сurly Bob

7. Ravishing Red Bob

For a bold twist on spiral curls, choose a chin-length angular cut with elongated layers towards the front. Brunettes seeking a change might consider a deep mahogany or burgundy shade for a vibrant update.

Short Curly Mahogany Bob Hairstyle

8. Side-Parted Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Embrace the uniqueness of your curly bob with an asymmetrical cut, sweeping the longer side over for a playful, eye-catching look.

Asymmetrical Curly Peek A Boo Bob

9. Shaggy Curly Bronde Bob

Volumize your curly lob with a tousle, creating a fuller appearance that suits everyone. Blonde highlights on chestnut hair enhance the hairstyle’s dimension, offering a healthy, luminous look.

Voluminous Curly Long Bob

10. Rounded Copper Brown Perm Bob Hairstyle

Achieve natural-looking curls with medium-sized rollers for a hairstyle that seems innate. Copper highlights add depth and a fuller appearance to the curls.

Short Curly Brunette Bob With Babylights

11. Curly Messy Brunette Bob with Golden Highlights

Showcase natural curls with a style that highlights the hair’s sheen. Golden highlights add sophistication and depth to the hairstyle.

12. Lovely Curled Bob Hairstyle

Embrace the nonchalance and romance of curls for a feminine flair. This hairstyle is elegantly suitable for special events and casual outings alike, with its short length adding to its charm.

13. Dark Curly Bob with Blonde Highlights

Introduce dimension to your curly bob with striking blonde highlights. This bold choice ensures your voluminous curls stand out.

14. Luxurious Angled Curly Bob

This angled curly bob, with its triangular wedge shape, elegantly frames the face and adds volume at the crown, enhancing the hairstyle’s overall allure.

15. Curly Rounded Caramel Brown Bob

Let your naturally curly bob come alive by embracing its twists and turns, which are long enough for versatile styling options like ponytails or updos.

16. Short Stacked Bob for Curly Hair

A short stacked bob balances voluminous curls, offering a captivating look that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to wear.

17. Voluminous Curly Brunette Lob

A lob with indistinct side parting accentuates the cheekbones and chin, ideal for thick, coarse hair by reducing volume for a sleeker appearance.

18. Well-Shaped Chin-Length Curly Bob

Soft copper highlights illuminate each curl, framing the face beautifully and offering a youthful, friendly, and easy-to-style haircut.

19. Classy Nape-Length Bob for Thick Curly Hair

A short, straight-across cut provides a flattering shape, with a solid color enhancing the curls’ shine and volume.

20. Gorgeous Rounded Bob with Glazed Curls

Maintaining hydration is crucial for curly bobs to look their best, emphasizing the importance of moisturizing products for frizz reduction and curl definition.

21. Angled Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

Balayage adds depth to curly bobs, creating a multidimensional look that’s both cute and stylish.

22. Curly Inverted Bob Style

The razor technique can thin out curls for a wispy, effortlessly messy look, perfectly blending casual and chic vibes.

23. Spunky Scarlett Bob

Short, rich crimson curls flatter especially well, offering a modern take on the classic red-haired look, suitable for warm, olive skin tones.

24. Choppy Bob for Wavy Hair

Curly bobs with bangs work well, especially with loose curls that naturally blend with the rest of the hairstyle, also suitable for straight hair with overnight rollers.

25. Wavy Brunette Bob with Subtle Highlights

Almost imperceptible chocolate highlights define the waves and angles of a long, curly, angled bob, keeping the look sophisticated.

26. Brown Curly Bob with Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold highlights against brown hair create a fresh, youthful look, making curls stand out with a vibrant contrast.

27. Cute Bob with Messy Glossy Curls

An inverted curly bob enhances natural hair color with its angled cut, adding visual interest and requiring minimal styling effort for a stylish impact.

28. Short Inverted Curly Brown Bob

An inverted bob manages thick, curly hair with ease, offering a playful yet sophisticated look with chocolate brown hues highlighting each curl.

29. Asymmetrical Curly Brown Bob

An asymmetrical bob suits less kinky curls, with extra-long, side-swept bangs providing a classic, stylish peek-a-boo effect.

30. Jaw-Length Curly Brown Bob with Caramel Highlights

This curly bob with bangs showcases neatly trimmed curls with added mousse for volume, enhanced by caramel highlights for a finishing touch.

31. Inverted Messy Curly Bob

An angled bob maximizes long, loose curls, offering extra height at the top for a flattering silhouette.

32. Disheveled Wavy Light Brown Bob

A stacked inverted bob gives loose waves a flattering shape, complemented by a soft color for an overall feminine look.

33. Inverted Wavy Bronde Bob

Balayage coloring enhances the depth and volume of curly bobs, with bronde highlights making each curl stand out.

34. Short Stacked Bob with Voluminous Curls

A short, stacked bob with defined curls and highlights creates a vibrant, textured look that’s full of life.

35. Short Walnut Brown Curly Bob with Glossy Finish

A choppy brown bob showcases natural curls in a simple, maintenance-friendly style, perfect for a quick refresh and go.

36. Tousled Angled Curly Bob Hairstyle

Flaunt your curls with a short bob, structured yet softened by its textured appearance, showcasing the beauty of your natural curls.

37. Dark Brown Bob with Messy Scrunched Curls

The natural, effortless vibe of a messy curly bob differentiates it from more structured styles, offering a relaxed and stylish look.

38. Short Side-Parted Wavy Brunette Bob

A cropped bob accentuates the jawline and neck, especially when styled with a few curls tucked behind one ear for a chic look.

39. Short Flared Bob for Wavy Hair

A chin-length curly bob with bangs combines bohemian and artistic vibes, adaptable for various occasions with the option to straighten for a different look.

40. Layered Curly Chocolate Brown Bob

A chin-length bob with loose waves offers a low-maintenance yet modern style, enhanced by subtle layers for depth and dimension.

41. Jaw-Length Scrunched Bob for Curly Hair

A chin-length cut is an effortless solution for managing curly hair, with simple styling post-shower for a natural, controlled look.

42. Rounded Curly Caramel Brown Bob

Coppery tones complement a rounded curly cut, creating a bold yet harmonious look that showcases the beauty of simplicity in color and texture.

43. Wavy Messy Brunette Bob

A curly long bob styled into loose waves with a wide-tooth comb embodies chic nonchalance, perfect for the stylish it-girl.

44. Jaw-Length Side-Parted Curly Bob

For thin, wavy hair, a short curly bob with bangs and a side part adds volume and contrast, enhancing pale skin tones.

45. Vintage Curled Hairstyle for Medium Length

Old Hollywood glamour is achievable with large, dramatic curls, offering elegance and drama perfect for special events.

46. Tri-Color Curly Bob Hairstyle

Experiment with colors on your bob for a personalized look, choosing a warm mix of hues for a bold yet natural appearance.

47. Choppy Combover Bob for Curly Hair

A messy curly bob with choppy layers and combover bangs frames the face beautifully, drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes.

48. Perfectly Angled Curly Bob

An angled bob combined with a mix of highlights offers a bold, artistic look, turning your hairstyle into a whimsical masterpiece.

49. Modern Marilyn Bob with Curls

A platinum blonde curly bob channels Old Hollywood glamour, requiring careful maintenance with color-enhancing products to keep the look vibrant.

50. Shoulder-Grazing Curly Bob

Deciding on a haircut can be a big step, especially when transitioning from long, wavy locks to a shorter style. Consider the myriad of curly bob options that can enhance your natural curls, bringing them into the spotlight with a chic shoulder-length cut.

51. Inverted Bob for Loose Curls

An inverted bob, characterized by its short back and stacked, loose curls towards the front, offers a refined look that accentuates the neck and jawline beautifully. Its unique cut ensures an attractive appearance from all perspectives, combining height at the back with layered lengths upfront.

52. Pretty Reddish Brown Curled Bob

This bob hairstyle stands out with its rich color and texture, whether your curls are natural or styled. A center partition draws attention to the facial features, while the vibrant, red curls pay homage to the iconic “Annie” from film and Broadway, adding a touch of maturity.

53. Silver Lining Bob

Showcase your grays with confidence in a curly bob that highlights streaks of silver against a darker base. Opt for natural-looking gray highlights to make your silver locks a deliberate and stylish choice.

54. Curly and Confident

Embracing your curls in their natural state often yields the best results. Allow your wavy strands to express themselves freely, employing a curl-taming serum to manage frizz and maintain control.

55. Balancing Act

For those desiring a shorter hairstyle that still frames the face, a curly bob like this offers the perfect solution. It addresses concerns about frizz, particularly at the back of the neck, allowing for a lifestyle that’s both active and stylishly feminine.

56. Lovely Curly Dark Blonde Bob

A shorter haircut can be particularly flattering for curly hair, preventing it from becoming too heavy. Introducing layers can reduce volume and prevent the hair from expanding into a pyramid shape, offering a more flattering silhouette.

57. Bob Cut with Defined Curls

Even without naturally perfect curls, a bob styled with the right products can achieve a modern, effortless look. The secret lies in selecting the ideal gel or cream to define each curl without merging them together.

58. Curly Angled Brunette Bob

The longer, angled bob remains a popular choice, especially for those with curls. To combat frizz and maintain your curls’ vibrancy, use mousses and gels designed specifically for curly hair, enhancing the shape and style of the cut.

59. Honey-Dipped Curly Cut

Adding caramel-colored spirals to your hair infuses it with richness and vitality. Incorporating long layers into a shoulder-length bob not only shapes the hair attractively but also simplifies styling.

60. Curly Brown Bob with Golden Babylights

Incorporating golden highlights into a curly brown bob creates a distinctive and luxurious look. Ideal for medium-sized curls, this style features a side part and long bangs that complement the jawline beautifully.

61. Blonde Layered Curly Bob

Choosing a haircut that flatters your facial shape can prevent curls from flaring out unfavorably. Layers add a natural movement to the hair, avoiding the stark drama of more drastic cuts and instead offering a softer, more dynamic appearance.

62. Airy Tousled Curly Bob

For those in the curly-hair community, wash-and-go styles are a staple, though they may require some product application to achieve the perfect hold. Letting curls air dry after applying gel or mousse keeps them defined throughout the day.

63. Inverted Jaw-Length Bob for Curly Hair

Straddling the line between a bob and a pixie, this a-line cut offers a feminine finish at the front, with a stacked back adding an edgy twist. The key to a flattering style for thick hair is finding a balance that suits your natural volume and texture.

64. Sexy Spirals

Layering is crucial for curly hair, providing structure and preventing the style from becoming too voluminous. A side part complements round faces well, slimming the cheeks for a balanced look.

65. Hot Highlighted Long Bob

Revitalize your hairstyle with strategically placed highlights, adding depth to your curls. Highlights near the face can brighten your complexion, while darker shades underneath create a rich, dimensional effect.

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